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Why You Dig the Outdoors: Walking through green spaces may deliver the same effects on the brain as meditation, says a new study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. To enter, simply VOTE in our reader poll and LEAVE A COMMENT here with your email to contact you—your email address will NOT appear publicly. The Tuesday Night Open House is a great introduction to Buddhist meditation and an opportunity to connect with other practitioners.
The Open House is an opportunity to meditate in a supportive group setting, to learn about how to apply the principles of meditation to everyday life, and to meet and mingle with fellow practitioners. The ReDormin Sleep Study found that doing yoga can increase a person’s sleep by a full 64 minutes per night.

In his 40 short years, McConkey changed the world of skiing by pushing the edge on just about everything he did, from ski racing and ski design to ski BASE jumping and wingsuit flight.
We deliver regular doses of the best gear reviews, the most enticing adventure travel, healthy recipes, fitness tips, and profiles of inspiring female adventurers and athletes. It begins with a group meditation practice, a talk by one of our senior teachers, discussion, and a reception. A huge leap on other sleep inducers, such as making love and a hot shower before going to bed, each of which can net an extra six minutes of extra sleep. We aim to inspire you, to challenge the norm, and to eschew all those women's magazines that tell us how to lose weight and be better.

They found that participants entered a virtual meditative state while walking through the park, experiencing less frustration and stress.

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