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And, of course, that’s what happened when the cult-favorite filmmaker and occasional comics writer sat down with Spinoff Online to talk about his latest, and easily most offbeat, movie Tusk. It was enough to fuel Smith’s imagination, sending him on a journey to transform the unlikely premise into a full-on exercise in cinematic horror, a more chilling film than he had ever attempted – one that’s way more out there, but still bearing many of Smith’s trademarks.
SPINOFF was also provided with an exclusive first look at a comic strip created by celebrated artist Francesco Francavilla to promote the film, which stars Michael Parks, Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez and, yes, Johnny Depp. Before I did that, I didn’t want to make movies anymore, so I was like, “What would make me want to sit on a movie set?” in a real first-world kind of problems way.
You were bold, too: One thing I noticed was it had all these Kevin Smith sort of things, things we love and enjoy about your work, but you also took it seriously overall.
This is a charitable, not-for-profit venture: proceeds from every single bottle go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which works to preserve and protect the First Amendment rights of the comics community. Miss Spink and Miss Forcible lived in the flat below Coraline’s, on the ground floor.
A toodle oodle of pink cotton candy noses, vanilla spun sugar fur, scattered kernels of popcorn, and a touch of polished golden wood. It had never occurred to Coraline that the crazy old man upstairs actually had a name, she realized. She placed the breakfast plate in front of Coraline, along with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a mug of frothy hot chocolate. The other mother smiled at this, triumphantly, and Coraline wondered if she had made the right choice. Coraline stared at the breakfast, hating herself for giving in so easily, but she was starving.

She drank the orange juice, but even though she knew she would like it she could not bring herself to taste the hot chocolate. Coraline's mouth dropped open in horror and she stepped out of the way as the thing clicked and scuttled past her and out of the house, running crablike on its too-many tapping, clicking, scurrying feet. And in her dream Coraline saw that the sun had set and the stars were twinkling in the darkening sky. Coraline stood in the meadow, and she watched as the three children (two of them walking, one flying) went away from her across the grass, silver in the light of the huge moon. Then she put the snow globe back on the mantelpiece, and carried on looking for her true parents and for a way out. Originating with a particularly strange installment of one of Smith’s podcasts, the film’s roots lie in a bizarre online ad that turned out to be hoax, yet proved too compelling to ignore: In short, one man is driven to attempt to transform another man into a walrus. They were both old and round, and they lived in their flat with a number of ageing Highland terriers who had names like Hamish and Andrew and Jock. Standing on the wall next to her was a large black cat, identical to the large black cat she'd seen in the grounds at home. But the cat shrugged, in one smooth movement that started at the tip of its tail and ended in a raised movement of its whiskers. Then she slipped the cheese omelette from the pan onto the plate, flipping it as she did so, letting it fold itself into a perfect omelette shape.
It was hard to read expressions into those black button eyes, but Coraline thought that her other mother looked hungry, too.
She wondered how long it would be until the sun came up, wondered whether her dream had been a true thing while knowing in her heart that it had been.

She had seen it too many times in the last few days, reaching and clutching and snatching and popping blackbeetles obediently into the other mother's mouth.
It was, honestly, the stupidity that kind of drove me a little bit, but you hear me on the podcast: We start telling this story based on this article that we read online, and then I started shaping it into a movie – and I was having a blast!
Once upon a time Miss Spink and Miss Forcible had been actresses, as Miss Spink told Coraline the first time she met her. Something she had taken to be part of the shadows under the hall couch detached itself from beneath the couch and made a mad, scrabbling rush on its long white legs, heading for the front door. Coraline shook it and set the snow flying, white snow that glittered as it tumbled through the water. If I could sit there and watch him say crazy, fucked up shit – like, spout lines from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner or just watch him go on a crazy journey. So next morning, a lot of “Walrus – Yes” [tweets] and only one “Walrus – No,” and the guy was like, “I feel like I should say no for the democratic process,” so I was like “Right on!
I was bored and stoned, so I was like, “This will be amazing!” I just needed to keep stoned long enough so that I never was like, “Walrus movie?!” And then pull the plug on it all.
It was them going “Well, this is your trip, but I think I can fucking bring something to the party.” And all of them did, every one of those actors came and played it as straight as if we were making Argo or something like that.
Never once tipping the hat to, like, “This is a stupid walrus movie.” And because of that, it kind of sails on those very strong performances, brave performances.

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