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Jessica Morris is a meditation practitioner and teacher dedicated to living a dharmic life.
Her teaching is a constant encouragement for people to commitedly practice meditation, study books of wisdom and be in community. Jessica has practiced meditation daily for twelve years and teaches from her experience and training in a warm, humorous, and grounded way. Our work together will increase your daily productivity, foster personal practice and well-being, and enhance your professional skills. She is the founder of Mindful Living NY, which offers counseling, training and consulting to individuals, groups and professional organizations.
You will leave knowing how to activate your best self.Building a greater awareness of ourselves helps us be more attentive to the factors that affect our overall wellbeing.

Laurence’s approach to psychotherapy and mindfulness training draws on eastern contemplative traditions as well as western research in behavioral health and neuroscience.
She is passionate about inspiring people to take an active role in enhancing their wellbeing and sense of purpose. He began seriously applying principles of mindfulness in 2008 after discovering he had high blood pressure due to high levels of stress. He left his job and went to India for 2 months to learn yoga and meditation and since then has maintained a regular mindfulness practice of his own.
I have been deeply gratified to see Mindfulness have a far reaching effect on the lives of my students, including an enhanced ability to meet daily challenges, greater ease and enjoyment engaging with others and achieving personal and professional objectives.” —Laurence Magro Laurence has been practicing and exploring Mindfulness for more than 20 years.
His blood pressure has gone down and he has seen countless other benefits in his personal and professional life.

After earning a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and practicing as a traditional psychotherapist, Laurence pursued extensive training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). She received Certification from the Center for Mindfulness at UMass Medical School, in recognition of her in-depth understanding and skillful delivery of the MBSR curriculum. She also has a deep interest in sharing the transformative practice of mindfulness with young people at the inception of their professional lives.

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