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PHOENIX, AZ —Alberto Frias LLC, a Phoenix-based art, architecture and furniture design studio, has announced that its OM Meditation Pod now comes standard with Anthony Gallo Acoustics Nucleus® Micro Ti loudspeakers. The OM Meditation Pod has a hand-crafted fiberglass shell, featuring a Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting system and Anthony Gallo’s 4” Micro Ti spheres, which feature titanium drivers. A native of Monterrey, Mexico, Alberto Frias specializes in creating environments that explore the boundaries of perception through light, sound and space.
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Inspired by the om mantra, the sound of the energy of the universe of which all things are manifestations. Developed during his time at the University of New Mexico, the Transport evolved out of his research in perceptual psychology and optical illusions. The OM facilities meditation by allowing a person to relax inside an aura of colored light and ambient sound. Frias’ other revolutionary product, the 3um, is a three-seated pod where the view from each seat was designed to have an unobstructed periphery view from its neighboring pod mates, thus giving the viewer the illusion of sitting alone.

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