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According to David Burstein, COO of The Dating Lab, a business that comfortably commands a fleet of some of the country’s most well-known sites, his database alone counts between 800,000 and 900,000 people (that means roughly 10% of South African Internet users have delved into digital dating). In particular, more people of colour and more people from an older generation (55 to 60+) are perusing the platforms for a potential long-term partner, companion or friend, not necessarily with sexual intentions. In all seriousness though, since its advent, online dating’s most noteworthy success has been its ability to provide greater access to a larger and more eclectic pool of partners. Interestingly enough though, in contrast to the above folklore, in South Africa, the Western Cape included, more men use online dating sites than women. But what about members of the younger generation, people who seem to have greater opportunity (and more time) to come across lovers organically?
As she puts it, “He did NOT turn out to be the person I expected, which is the big thing about online dating.
Though, it’s this very argument that, David points out, is detrimental to online dating.
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Fortunately the iPhone device name can be changed rather easily, and it can be done directly from the device itself.
If you use Bluetooth with your iPhone a lot, then you may eventually encounter a situation where you want to connect more than one Bluetooth device to the iPhone at the same time. Ushaka Marine World really is popular destination in Durban and our adventure date pick comes from there, too!
Cricket is very much part of South Africa’s culture and watching cricket on Boxing Day in Durban has become somewhat of a tradition. Rustenburg, like many places in South Africa, is well known for being very close to major nature reserves.
Sun City is a tourist goldmine and although dates are usually best when the hustle and bustle of other people is avoided, Sun City has something for everyone. Warwick Hotels offers a range of options for those looking to get romantic the African way.
Yet, since its South African inception in the mid 90s, online dating has ballooned into a third-party matchmaker consulted by more than a million people each year. Though, his gut feeling is that the answer is yes, online dating is the better route to Mr.

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Someone who shares the same beliefs and morals as yourself is out there waiting for you too. We all look for love in the wrong places, from single bars to blind dates to going to visit a matchmaker. Each and every member is also extremely serious about finding long lasting love, if you are curious and simply looking for a fun time, this is not the site for you. It was also the home base of the English national football team during the 2010 Soccer World Cup.
From a Casino, to an artificial beach, Sun City is the ideal place for a first date that has a bit of everything. Located at the Warwick Kedar Country Hotel, The Boma restaurant offers a truly African experience. It’s a rather pricey affair which will set you back R1750 per person, but if an Adrenaline rush on a date is what you’re looking for, why not give it a try?
It was one of the host cities during the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup and is the gateway to the Zulu Kingdom and the picturesque Drankensburg mountains. It’s the only place in South Africa where it is possible to walk amongst the beautiful creatures of the ocean. Christian Dating South Africa will give you the chance to find each other and the chance to find what it is we all seek… love.
However if you are dedicated to finding a life partner, Christian Dating South Africa is most certainly the online dating site for you. We are here to protect our members, keep them safe and let them enjoy the process and the progression of online dating.
Whether you want to lazy around on the deck chairs and top off your afternoon at one of the many restaurants or whether you’re simply looking for some good food – Sun City is a great choice.
The outdoor restaurant specialises in traditional braais (BBQs as they are known all over the world).

You do have to book in advance, so make sure you try and plan your date when the forecast looks good.
The nature reserve offers a self-drive route which comes with a number of picnic spots and it costs just R30 per Adult to enter. If you want, you can go for the 12km sunset ride which leaves in the late afternoon, starting off along the beach and eventually ending through the bush in the moonlight. The vibe is always pleasant and packing a picnic is a great way to spend a few lazy hours in the sun – or, if you are that way inclined – the whole day. We at Christian Dating South Africa are absolutely dedicated to providing Christian single men and Christian single women the chance to find each other. If you were able to whittle down the search, wouldn’t your love life become a much simpler and less frustrating process? The Armooury restaurant and the Metswedi Bar (which translates to drinking giraffe) are two other options. Obviously the jump is all dependent on the weather, so it will take a little bit of extra thinking and tweaking to get this one right.
We pride ourselves on providing an easy, stress free and enlightening environment for all our members.
The internet has now given us the opportunity to find love in a simpler way… and now you can find your ideal Christian partner online, with Christian Dating South Africa. There are also hiking routs and cottages available if you want to make a little bit more than a day date out of your experience. The Canopy Tour, meanwhile takes you through the second oldest mountain range in the world. You can buy a combo ticket for the two venues for R185, but just remember that the Wet ‘n Wild section is closed on Monday and Tuesday during off-peak season.
It costs R450 per person and you get strapped into a zip line and whizz through the mountains. It’s great fun and a great rush, all while surrounded by the beautiful natural landscapes South Africa has on offer.

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