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There are countless benefits of working out at home, and body-weight-only exercise routines (when done with high intensity), can be awesome amazing at putting the body into fat blasting mode for hours after you workout. You don’t need tons of fancy equipment that a gym membership gives you access to (although all those things can be fun, they can also be distracting and intimidating). With that being said, today I am going to share with you a few basic things I DO use myself for my home workouts, and why I like the options I am sharing with you better than other choices we have to pick from! Another thing I look for when I choose weights for myself and my clients is that the ends of the weights are angled and not rounded.
Amazon is a great place to purchase weights because you can get free shipping and priced out they are cheaper on Amazon than anywhere I can find them here on Kauai. A timer is a great tool to have if you are training Tabata Protocol workouts or circuiting HIIT (high intensity interval training). I like a medium sized ball (75cm) personally because it is easier to maneuver for an array of exercises.
A yoga ball can be used for some really great core strength exercises, can be used as a prop to lay the body on for chest and back exercises, and can be used for a chair in your office too.
I like the foam blocks best because they are light weight and softer to the touch than wood blocks. I have had my purple, lite Manduka mat for longer than my daughter has been alive (she is 7) and it is still in awesome condition. The purple Manduka mat is thick enough that I never need to double up my mat when I am on my knees and it does not fall apart like the cheap yoga mats you can get at any big box store. Investing in a good yoga mat is the #1 best investment you can make when it comes to each of my suggestions above.
I mentioned above that in order to truly make your home workouts effective and transformational you want to choreograph your daily workouts to be so.

However, I know most people feel lost in putting all of these components perfectly together in just one workout let alone every home workout. These practices include yoga, fitness, meditation and even some creative movement lessons for kids!
If you know that you don’t push yourself to your greatest potential on your own consistently, or if you know that having loving guidance in the realm of optimal alignment and form is something that would support you, come on over and enjoy a week trail of online yoga and fitness classes on me! This is the most economical way to have a “personal trainer” at your side each workout! About Samantha Samantha Fox is a yoga and fitness instructor on the Garden Island of Kauai in Hawaii. She is very creative in describing the techniques and purposes of each motion and position, so that I could really visualize the goals and processes. All you need to be in the best shape of your life is a good understanding of how to sequence and put together solid workouts, a high quality yoga mat, and your desire to be the best you every day! Incorporating hand weights has been super fun for me and I absolutely feel stronger and see a more defined physique from using them.
I do not like the steel ones because they hurt my hands when I am holding 15 pounds working my legs.
Just make sure you purchase your hand weights so you get 2 of each weight you are going for.
I like that you can adjust the weight of these easy and that you can cinch them up to your ankle size! All you have to do is set your timer to the intervals you want to work in and it keeps track of all the rest for you. I like the ones that are woven tighter as apposed to a loose weave because they are more supportive for the body and don’t move around under you.

When you are springing in your fitness routine with plyometric exercises, your joints will be happy you made this choice for yourself too!
The rug seems to absorb sweat and it stays on my mat really nice because it is a bit heavier.
You will do this by warming up optimally, sequencing your exercises appropriately, pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, and keeping your alignment on point all the way through. Because I KNOW it is a consistent practice that keeps our bodies healthy and continuously learning new things I have created an entire website that offers online yoga and fitness practices you can do from home!
The vault of yoga and fitness workouts are full of diversity, ranging in videos appropriate for raw beginners to advanced athletes.
There is always a risk of injury with any fitness program, you are responsible for your wellness. Also, I like the kind that are wider like these too, because the not-so-wide-ones can roll onto themselves and that can hurt your skin. I love having a rug to mop up my sweat and having a sweaty mat under me is sweaty and I don’t dig the slippy feel one bit. If you are holding on to rounded edge weight as the foundation to your pose, you are at greater risk of rolling a wrist underneath you.
Please note we are not liable for injury or accident and this is not meant to replace medical advice.

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