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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Initial communication will be made by way of a Slideshow of new structure to teachers involved in the changes. Offering incentives for schools will give staff members personal goals to reach while still staying true to the mission and the objectives set forth by the school district. The various types of incentives are an excellent way to make sure that all staff members will be able to have the opportunity to reach an incentive and setting up gradual steps will allow for staff members to be rewarded regularly. In such an organizational environment, it is less likely for passive acceptance to be confused with agreement, since employees are more confident in speaking their minds. The process can enable leaders to take an active role in overcoming the “climate of silence” by facilitating intervention. The seven data points listed are necessary in order to adequately track the progress or lack of progress happening in the classroom and in the community. One should be mindful however, that while employee questionnaires are useful for purposes relating to measurement of the effectiveness of an organization, they do not necessarily create mutual engagement. This research investigates Information Technology (IT) driven organizational changes in Sri Lankan organizations by focusing on the leadership aspects.
2as strategic changes, technology changes, business process changes, mergers andacquisitions. 3LITERATURE REVIEWAs a background to the study this section briefs on the leadership and leadership styles, ITimplementation process and change management processes and IT driven changemanagement. 5As shown in Fig.1 the change management process need to be practised inside the ITimplementation process. A summary of the Science of Organizational Change - for more details view the YouTube video for a narrated walk-through. Being able to reward teachers in a way that is based on results is a fair way to maximize effort.
This can mean having consultants or other trainers introduce and teach skills required for mutual engagement and diagnosis. Being able to track the teacher performance and teacher incentives is paramount in being able to understand how successful a teacher is and what they will need additional training on in the future. Diagnostic interviews may also be used for behavioral observation to collect rich and valid data about how employees behave and how the organization functions. The main objective of this research is to identify which leadership styles are most effective in ensuring the success of change management processes within IT project implementations.

ABASTRACTThis research investigates Information Technology (IT) driven organizational changes in Sri Lankanorganizations by focusing on the leadership aspects.
Taking these aspects in to consideration IT driven change plays a critical role inorganizations today.
Hence, Kotter?s changemodel is used as the base of study in the research.Number of researchers have highlighted that leaders should manage the change in order toachieve effective organizational change [1],[9],[2].
Shared diagnosis help to ensure that the diagnosis flows from valid data about the organization. Measuring student performance on this test is of the highest importance in order to see the level of success students are having throughout the year.
In order to achieve this, firstly the research conducts an in-depth investigation of the relationship between leadership and change management practices within organizations.
The main objective of this research is to identifywhich leadership styles are most effective in ensuring the success of change management processeswithin IT project implementations.
IT driven organizational change is considered to be the current focus inmany business organizations as they introduce or implement new IT systems nowadays togain the competitive advantage [2].
Many researchers have introduced different IT implementationprocess models such Rogers, Kwon and Zmud, and Gerwin [6], [7]. Community and school are important measuring sticks in that you will be able to see how effective the support systems put in place for staff and students really are. Encapsulating the findings, a model is proposed to pinpoints the most effective leadership style that should be adopted in accordance with each stage within the change management process the organization is about to undergo. In order to achieve this, firstly the research conducts an in-depthinvestigation of the relationship between leadership and change management practices withinorganizations. Then an after-action review (AAR) which is a disciplined approach to shared diagnosis and mutual dialogue. Encapsulating the findings, a model is proposed to pinpoints the most effectiveleadership style that should be adopted in accordance with each stage within the changemanagement process the organization is about to undergo.The research involved qualitative methods.
Failing tomanage the change effectively will end up in poor implementations [4].Researchers argue that proper framework should be adopted to carry out the ITimplementation as well as to manage the IT driven change simultaneously. Models by Goalman (2000), Kotter (1996), and Cooperand Zmud (1990) were consulted to build an initial framework surrounding leadership and changemanagement practices.
Leadership plays a vital role in managing change by involvingand supporting throughout the process to make the change a success.
Past researchershave developed a number of models to explore as change management processes.

Till the two years have passed, open communication lines will remain open to further address any misunderstandings in the plan. It is an opportunity for a team to reflect on a project, activity, event, or task so that they can do better the next time.
Using the Case Study method, in-depth interviews and document reviewswere conducted for nine leading Sri Lankan organizations which had undergone IT change. Three stepLewin?s (1951) change model , Kotter?s (1995) eight steps model and Prosci?s (1996)ADKAR model can be cited as examples [8]. Analysisof results revealed that organizations are increasingly realizing the value of employing changemanagement practices when introducing IT change to their organizations. All these models address the changemanagement in general, and still no comprehensive model has been developed to depict ITdriven change management process.
The attention of leaderswas found to be more focused on the culture, behaviours and attitudes of employees who are part ofthe change process than on the steps within the change process itself which are prescribed bychange gurus. Research focus draws the attention towards theleadership styles to be adopted during change management process when organizations gothrough IT driven organizational changes.No past research has been reported on leadership and change management in Sri Lanka. Eliminating people resistance has been treated with the highest priority based on theargument that effectiveness of change management processes is directly linked to winning over thepeople resource. Ithas been identified that for most organizations in Sri Lanka change management is a newpractice. Therefore, this study makes a valuable contribution to the field of leadership andchange management as this research carries a comprehensive study to fill the knowledge gapin that area.This paper presents the findings of a comprehensive research. Kotter, one of the change management gurus has said that the change is anunavoidable reality in the business world today. In such a turbulent environment if the changeis not handled properly it can drive them crazy, costs a great deal of money and will cause alot of pain [1]. In the next section literature review is presented and the resultsare given in section four.

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