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Content : Why does Osho call the desire for nirvana, enlightenment, "the last nightmare"? He then confirms the assertion of a Japanese seeress that he has become a vehicle for the wandering soul of Gautama the Buddha, who has promised to return to the world as Maitreya, the friend. Wherever you are - at home, at work, or on the way between the two - you can use the presence of any sound, any noise, as an opportunity to move inside to a space of inner silence and stillness.
When I decided to fly half way around the world to study for 9 months with people I had never met before, or even talked to on the phone, my friends said I was a little crazy but encouraged me to follow my heart.
My gut instinct told me that you were both good people and that you would help me with my goals. When I look back on my time with you I often tell people that I flew half way around the world to be with my parents. I just want to emphasize that my goals for my training with your, despite it being shorter than expected, were met. In an intimate setting he responds directly to questions on happiness and misery, relationship and aloneness, ego and consciousness, energy and sex, love and prayer, logic and madness, meditation and surrender, enlightenment and the master-disciple connection.
He speaks of the intensity and totality needed by meditators, the relationship between sex and death, the role of the master, and pain caused by active meditations.

One asks : With the imminent possibility of global suicide isn't it a paradox that all we can do is to sit silently? Using anecdotes about Zen masters and their disciples, as well as a magnificent selection of haikus, Osho reveals the mystery of Zen as something to be savored rather than solved. This book is about sudden enlightenment—that supreme moment when we cease struggling to understand with our minds matters beyond the mind, and jump wholeheartedly into the abyss. Having pinpointed the problem, Osho offers his solution - the whole man, an individual in whom East and West, the material and the spiritual, the male and the female, meet and harmonize.
It is an unsettling reminder of how far we haven’t come as a humanity which continuous to declare it self as civilized.
It is said that the beauty of the master is reflected in the actions and creations of the ones who love him. His spontaneous talks to people from all walks of life have been transcribed and published in more than 650 books in 35 languages worldwide. The ocean is not going to attack you, the rain is not going to attack you, the trees are not going to attack you - there is no need of any defense. Another worries about the misuse of genetic science, and a third isn't sure how to respond to the madness of living in the world.

Through Zen stories and responses to seekers'questions, Osho speaks on the nature of desire, the disease of comparison, man's compulsive need to "do," macrobiotics, being creative with work, and the chronic state of schizophrenia inflicted upon mankind by the organized religions.
Osho offers us deep insights into ourselves, our individual natures and the universe in which we live.
To be vulnerable to life as such, to existence as such, you will be getting these moments continuously. Osho's responses are applicable to everyone, everywhere, who is sincerely seeking to understand and to evolve.
The appendix, Catharsis and Meditation: Steps on the Path, presents Osho's reasons for cathartic techniques.

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