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As you chose to publicly involve all of your Facebook friends and posted an open letter to the circle here, I would like to make sure that these same friends have the chance to read the reply you received.
Implicit in this of course is your support for a different kind of setup from the one Osho specifically arranged before leaving the body, run by a different group of people than the ones Osho again specifically chose. That you support a very different proposal than the one Osho has asked for is of course your freedom. Some people responded to Osho’s instructions and wrote the apology, and whatever it was is gone forever.
As you make clear in your letter, this is yet another aspect of Osho’s guidance on how the meditation resort should be run that you won’t agree with.
Osho shared, with humor, that people have said that they are leaving him and his work because of too much salt in the dal. He explains that people with some consciousness will feel gratitude for the existence of this mystery school, and will trust that they have received a great opportunity that they will carry with them. That there is nothing wrong with them when leaving and there is nothing wrong with Osho’s proposal.
His guidance is that we have our attention on the new people coming, not on the people leaving. We will continue to do our very best to support the creation of the place Osho has asked for, whether the rest of the world approves of what Osho has asked for or not. I myself always experienced Osho himself as an Internationalist, and never really thought of him as Indian.
I don’t know whether he left detailed instructions about how his Resort would continue.
This lesson from history needs to be absorbed by those who, with the best will in the world, seem to want to make Osho’s legacy some kind of visiting shrine.
The ultimate conclusion is, I suspect, a koan sent by a Klingon Zen monk, living in the Upper Megadon Galaxy.
God Bless Vatican, they are doing quite a good work in the name of God, Jesus and Holy Ghost!
I had an exchange of pms on Facebook with Shola around the time this first arose, and, on the basis of what she shared with me at that time I couldn’t see any reason for the Pune management not to allow her to participate in the Resort, or that she should have to apologise.
The trouble is, from the outset, her experience was seized upon by those who are out to attack the OIF at every opportunity – including Swami Rajneesh: she may have dropped him, but he had most certainly not dropped her! Reading this response on from the Pune management, it seems to me there has been a misunderstanding on their part. Unfortunately, by making it a condition that she has to appologise when she hadn’t actually done anything against them, and certainly not against Osho, they have played right into the hands of Rajneesh and his followers. I think Shola has ended up being used as ammunition in some very unpleasant politics that are currently going on. What I think might begin to transform this would be if there was a climate of more open-ness and less judgements.
I recall Osho stating at one point that it’s the people coming in a hundred years time who will be able to understand his vision and his work. When I posted the “Save Osho Pune and Samadhi” group page on FB I did it with a genuine curiosity about its content, without taking any position. For this reason I have been banned and after my second meeting with Dhyanesh and Yogendra, I found myself with a must, I had to choose and take a decision: “You have to delete that post if you want to enter this place” is what I was told. This has forced me to really look into the matter and so I read again and again the objectives of “oshowork.org” and I found myself agreeing with them on everything.
The place is absolutely stunning and it is obvious the care and the energy spent to make and maintain this beauty, but if the counter price is mental rigidity and the privation of the possibility to express oneself, then I don’t really see the point of making arrangements with you.
You have been trying to convince people that your goal is to protect Osho’s vision from some phantom brahmins that want to take hold of the place and turn it into an old-fashioned, worship-based ashram, but frankly this looks to me more like a poor excuse to cover any different action of yours than a real danger. It is sad that the Ashram authorities do not have the understanding that Individuals are more important than any Institution or Organization. Who decides the formation, functioning and constitution of the members of the “Inner Circle”?
When a president spends hundreds of thousands of hours with his wife in the bedroom of White House, I am sure much of the State policies are also discussed and shared; only a fool will think these private talks should be incorporated in the formation of policies of national interests.
Osho encourged him a lot, gave him also maximum space, but has Osho chosen him as His successor? Hundreds of discourses are video recorded, even when Osho was not coming out, someone was always reading the messages sent by Osho to His people. Spritual transmission is another thing, Jayesh team has not been able to sell their product, even after diluting it as much as possible according to the taste buds of visiting business executives in Pune for their business trips. By cutting the branches of a tree, people like Garimo want to grow the leaves; maybe she thinks leaves are like body hair: shave them, still they grow! At least one intelligent Buddhist, Christopher Titmus, knows he hasn’t much to offer and is humbled when he goes into Gaza out of a sense of universal compassion. But Roman, why highlight the suffering in Gaza, rather than in any of the other benighted places in the world?
Sannyas attracted a diverse range of people from those who had very right wing politics to others of the other side of the political spectrum. My view is that anyone with at least some of their vital organs, notably the brain, still functioning relatively well, no matter which side of the dispute they are on, would extricate themeselves as fast as possible from such a bogus, psychologically inflated scene as this, with all its attendant doublethink, newspeak, paranoid, crypto-fascist politics and outright gobbledegook. Reading some of these posts what comes to mind is how different, utterly remote and quite the opposite today’s Resort is from that which it was originally founded upon. Today we have sannyasins being banned for minor infringements, such as speaking up about complaints against the management etc. There was a time in my life when being in Poona and around Osho was the most important thing in the world to me. I am quite sure that some feel that being in the Resort is very important to them and I wish them the best. All this nonsense about Osho’s vision and the extent people are willing to go to enforce that vision, simply shows that either Osho did not have a clear-cut vision and if he did it had nothing to do with all this lame tit-for-tat. Many old Western sannyasins didn’t understand a word of Hindi but went to those discourses. The emotional content in our being craves to relate with something bigger, something meaningful. For many it is just the family, for others some kind of Manchester United gets added in the list! Many turn out to be emotionally naive too, who pay their life savings to some conman for some kind of Salvation in other life, as the link story shows. Should we think that people like Lokesh or Frank are on the higher level of consciousness, because they can brew their own coffee, don’t need some kind of Nespresso?! The fact is, stable, happy, healthy person needs nothing but some swimming, some morning walk, yet trillion dollars worth of Medical industry is also required. Spiritual institutions fulfil a certain kind of need in certain kind of people, and these people have all the right to ask for transparent management. Unfortunately, the Red Devils have been in terminal decline since we tried to win the World Cup in USA85. Even tho` we had the hand of God on our side, those old tactics of hoofing it up to your one star player and hoping he would take all the responsibility were painfully exposed as being completely innappropriate for the modern game…. Growing up in Glasgow in a Protestant family it was inevitable that I would become a Rangers fan.
And so it happened early in my life that I learned to stay away from organised religion or suffer the consequences. PSS: Mental institutions fulfil a certain kind of need in certain kind of people, and these people have all the right to ask for transparent management. 1) Osho said that he should not be mentioned , gazed upon , or devoted to in a maundy type manner. Nah nah nee nahhhh nahhhh, we’re not sorry, nah nee nah nahhh…and you smell as well! 10) If you want to know how bad it gets on a Saturday night here at the Oshostan Duck and Dive public house, take a look at the weirdos we have to keep out and see if you can spot the difference between a Klingon and a bloke with arm movements provided by Thunderbirds puppets, claiming to be a certain Mr Rajneesh himself. Paranormal powers arise from birth and family, psychotropic plants, the reciting of magical formulas, ascetic practice, and yoga union. Should we think that people like Lokesh or Frank are on the higher level of consciousness, because they can brew their own coffee, don’t need some kind of Nespresso?! I firmly believe that the way the Resort is currently being run is the way Osho wanted all his Ashrams to be run.
When I look at vids of late Ranch days there are a lot of squeaky-clean and inexperienced faces in the crowd.
So, while knowing its limitations, I’m not one to knock it, it definitely has its uses. Vartan, my viewpoint for ”the Inner is the Outer and the Outer is the Inner” seems different. Our outer collective expression gives Information where at the Moment we are bent, compared to the possible natural Freedom. Perhaps, the Sannyas commune could be the collective expression of what Osho Sannyas has grown into? The wall cannot be avoided and injustice exists, but it never destroys integrity nor can it apportion itself any of that for its own gain. I’m really impressed, and surprised too, that how beautifully and creatively this place has been developed. From sunrise to sunset, each moment I have experienced silence, depth and beauty, which is very special; this ambiance has been really very supportive for me to go inwards. I am sending this email to express my thanks for creating such a beautiful and loving place for meditation where so much creativity is reflected in each and everything. I’m very happy that a lovely person like Ma Neelam has created a beautiful meditation resort like this.
I wanted to say all this to Ma Neelam in person but somehow I couldn’t meet her before leaving, but I shall come again soon to have deeper experience in my journey.
Meaning of Sannyas varies for each individual, for me Sannyas means being creative and adventurous. When I was 18 and wanted to start a career, I was looking for something which would not be mere work, instead a play full of passion. So, I started learning photography as well as other multimedia related creative works & DJing in year 2000. There is a sacred secret behind ‘creativity and adventure’ which is – being aware, hence living in the moment. I lead trekking meditation based on this; and which transforms the act of trekking, adding another dimension to it, very distinctly experienced by the participants.
I feel so grateful to Osho, Priya, Ma Neelam and Sw.Tathagat for giving me this opportunity to stay here.
Things what I have learnt from my beloved Master, I could really practice them in this beautiful space.
My beautiful father, always so loving to me, was doing everything to put me out of my misery.
The day had come, and as I walked into his office, my mind had only one thought: ‘’Oh boy, here we go again!
My new name, Tara, is the same name I used to give to all my dolls as a kid, and it is not a very common name where I live.
Following the death of his paternal grandmother, Osho is sent to live with his maternal grandparents. When Osho is seven years old, his maternal grandfather dies with his head in Osho?s lap as they travel in the back of a bullock cart on the long journey to reach the nearest doctor. At the age of fourteen, he undertakes a seven-day experiment, waiting for death, provoked by an unusual prediction by an astrologer, as quoted by Osho: "If this child survives after seven years, only then will I make the chart.
Osho is appointed Professor of Philosophy at the University of Jabalpur, where he teaches until 1966, using often controversial methods that also make him highly popular. A powerful and passionate debater, He also travels frequently and widely across India, speaking to large audiences as Acharya Rajneesh, and challenging orthodox religious leaders in public debates. In 1962 Osho opens his first Meditation Centres known as Jivan Jagruti Kendras (Life Awakening Centres), and names his movement Jivan Jagruti Andolan (Life Awakening Movement). After nine years of teaching, He quits the university to devote Himself entirely to the raising of human consciousness. The discourses and talks delivered by Osho in Hindi start becoming available in English translations, further widening his impact and spreading his word abroad. September 1969: At Pahalgam in Kashmir, followers of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi invite Osho to talk to them.
14th April 1970: Osho introduces to the seekers His revolutionary meditation technique, Dynamic Meditation. 26th September to 5th October: Osho holds a meditation camp in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, among the Himalayan mountains. 21 March 1974: Osho celebrates his Enlightenment Day with friends in Mumbai in the morning, and then that afternoon in Poona, where his secretary, Ma Yog Laxmi buys for him #33 Koregaon Park.
1974-1981: In the evenings, Osho answers individual questions on personal matters such as love, jealousy, meditation. The Poona Ashram of Osho offers a wide variety of therapy groups which combine Eastern meditation techniques with Western psychotherapy.

In March 1981, after giving daily discourses for nearly 15 years, Osho begins a three-year period of self-imposed public silence.
Osho gains further notoriety in the world with his growing collection of 93 Rolls Royce cars: The largest owner of these in the world at that time. July 1985: Osho ends his silence in October 1984, and by July 1985, resumes his public discourses each morning, to thousands of seekers gathered in Rajneesh Mandir, a two-acre meditation hall at Rajneeshpuram. September 14: Osho’s personal secretary Ma Anand Sheela and several members of the commune’s management suddenly leave, and a whole pattern of illegal acts they have committed - including poisoning, arson, wiretapping, and attempted murder - are exposed. October 28: Without warrants, federal and local officials arrest at gun point Osho and his caretakers in Charlotte, North Carolina, on charges of immigration fraud. November: Subsequent events indicate that it is probable that Osho is poisoned with the heavy metal thallium while in Oklahoma County Jail and the El Reno Federal Penitentiary. November 1985, Manali: On being deported from USA, Osho arrives in India where he heads straight to Manali in Himachal Pradesh. January-February: He travels to Kathmandu, Nepal and speaks twice daily for the next two months.
February-March: On his world tour in his private jet, Osho's next stop is Greece, where He is granted a 30-day tourist visa. March 2006: After being deported from Greece, Osho visits or asks permission to visit 17 countries in Europe and the Americas. June-July: After being forced to leave Uruguay, Osho is deported from Jamaica and compelled to leave Portugal. January 1987: Osho returns to the ashram in Pune, India, which is initially renamed Rajneeshdham. July 1988: Osho begins, for the first time in 14 years, to personally lead the meditation at the end of each evening’s discourse.
March-June 1989: Osho is resting to recover from the effects of the poisoning, which by now are strongly influencing His health.
July 1989: His health is getting better and He makes two appearances for silent darshans during the Guru Purnima Festival, now renamed Osho Full Moon Celebration.
August 1989: Osho begins to make daily appearances in Gautama the Buddha Auditorium for evening darshan. September 1989: Osho drops the name "Rajneesh," signifying His complete discontinuity from the past. The Dharamsala region has moderate climate round the year, with many sunny days throughout even the chilliest weeks of January and February, as well as through the rainy weeks of July and August.
As an escape from the hot season in the plains, or from the humidity of the monsoons, Osho Nisarga is an ideal place to immerse yourself in the silence of the Himalayas any time of the year. There are night buses from Delhi to Dharamsala by Himachal Tourism Development Corp (HTDC), by Bedi Travels, and Volvo. Coming by bus to Dharamsala, it is convenient to get down at Chetru - 6 Km or 3.7 Miles before Dharamsala for easy access to Osho Nisarga. Regular daily and night train services run from New Delhi and old Delhi railway stations to Pathankot as well as Chakki Bank, which is another railway station in Pathankot. From Pathankot, Chakki Bank railway station, or from the airport, you may book a taxi in advance to Osho Nisarga by telephoning for the taxi services of Mr Praveen at 09418142830. The area is famous for its trekking tours that are a wonderful way to explore the mountains. There is a rich cultural life in the area with some lovely temples dating from the early medieval period.
Nearby is McLeod Ganj, a former British hill station and now famous for the Tibetan Government in exile and the palace of the Dalai Lama. Among other well-known meditation centers in the region are the Karmapa's Norbuglinka monastery, the Vipassana center, and Tushita meditation center. About 80 Kms or 49.6 Miles away, lies Bir Valley, one of the most beautiful regions of Kangra and a world-famous destination for paragliding. Le Centre international de méditation Osho c'est prendre des vacances tout en se ressourçant !
Osho Kundalini Meditation lasts for one hour and has four stages, three with music, and the last without. Nestled amidst a lush green natural environment, streams flowing majestically, Osho Nisarga is built near Dharamsala, with a scenic backdrop of the majestic Dhauladhar mountain range of the Himalayas. Bordered by pine forests, orchards and farmland, and at a height of 1,100 metres, Osho Nisarga is spread over about 6 and a half acres landscaped in harmony with the natural features of the land - trees, huge black boulders and an idyllic mountain stream flows through the property. Our international team is dedicated to developing Osho Nisarga into a unique Himalayan paradise which pays homage to Osho's message: that meditation, healing and aliveness are most easily nurtured in the 'temple of nature'.
Osho Nisarga is a place where you can participate in meditation retreats, therapy groups, rejuvenation cures, and training sessions, making your stay an unforgettable experience. Organic vegetables, herbs, wheat and rice, some growing on Nisarga’s farmland, are served in a loving and meditative ambience. The kitchen has been named after the enlightened Indian mystic, Kabir who used to devotedly offer food to all his disciples and seekers on the path. The adjoining dining hall lends itself to a cozy setting for Nisarga residents to meet and enjoy their meals together. The dining tables within the hall are adorned with paintings portraying the inner joy that springs out of meditation. On arrival, group participants and visitors are received at the Mirdad Welcome Center, which is named after one of Osho’s most-loved mystical characters from “The Book of Mirdad”.
A team of support staff processes the formalities and provides information for a comfortable stay at Nisarga. Mirdad houses a bookshop carrying select collection of Osho books and audio as well as video discourses. In my view this includes some important Osho understandings, and I myself have witnessed quite a few occasions where Osho asked a person to publicly apologize as part of finishing a matter once and for all. He made it clear that this apology was nothing to do with anyone else, but a way of finishing the issue completely for the individual concerned. It is Osho’s name on the gate, and he has left very clear instructions about the direction of his work, how the campus should look, the facilities he wants in place, how it should be run, how it should be financed…. The context was a concern about people leaving Osho’s work and whether there was anything that should be done about it. That in that mystery people are pulled to the work at exactly the right moment in time and that they are also released at the exact right moment in time. And emphasized that nothing in their living will have prepared them for this experience.In our meetings, you shared that you live in Pune and so close to the campus because the Meditation Resort is the only reason that you are in India. I can’t help but notice that the letter is totally lacking in humour, although viewed in a certain metallic light one could say it drips irony. Just through association with the very aggressive and militant elements in that group, they wrongly assumed Shola was hostile towards them when in fact she wasn’t.
And everybody see that the place is empty: how many among Osho people are ready to accept and tolerate to compromise at this basic level of lack of respect, openness of views and expression?
Obviously, I don’t know exactly what is going on in your minds and what you are really doing. If they were created there (before Osho’s Samadhi was created)…then Osho might have wanted them there?
Has Osho ever given an indication that transmission of lamp has taken place between Him and Jayesh or anyone else? If you were going to be a salesman, would you rather be selling Rajneeshism (and all that luggage) or Zen? In the past, either the information was not available, or I was partying too hard to care, or I was in isolation.
Anyway, he was talking about some ‘blue cows’ that were overrunning a place in India and nobody would kill them until somebody came up with the bright idea of calling them ‘blue horses’ and then they killed thousands of them.
I always found it a bit absurd having a White Robe Brotherhood (reminded me of KKK), but apparently a White Robe Sisterhood is starting. In the seven years I spent around his presence I only once saw him reject one person, which was hardly surprising if one takes into consideration that the woman in question threw a shoe at him. Someone in power must feel they are standing on very shaky ground if they feel in some way threatend by such things.
Reading some of the above comments I feel blessed that I am not drawn to a place where people can dictate and control me to the extent that I cannot voice my opinions for fear of being banned.
I might add that the sooner they get over it, and realise that being hooked on a geographical location for one’s spiritual growth is a trap, the better. If one listens to such gentlemen who are sufficient unto themselves, world will not become a beautiful place but a graveyard.
I only ever attended one Old Firm match at Hampden and was rewarded with a nasty bang on the head from a beer can, loaded with fresh urine and tossed by a Celtic supporter.
They should not think he hated them now that he had drawn the only conclusion open to him, he wrote in his will. In a commune you will find by yourself where exactly where you fit, without anyone needing to tell you.
By the early seventies the scene in Goa was getting burned out…the wooden ships of the hippy era had capsized in a sea of excess and people like myself were ready for an alternative to the alternative society.
Seeing you mentioned the Beatles I thought I’d mention the Pete Townshend autobiography, which is an interesting read. But it didn’t prevent or help me cope with a long, debilitating depression at the end of that period, in fact only dynamic meditation relieved that. Love has its root at our innermost core; the outside world could be the reveled expression from inspirational realization of natural Freedom. Commune authorities expressing a cold and reserved money-orientated institution for saving Osho’s words.
There is positive, loving vibration flowing in entire Nisarga, just like the stream flowing by its side.
I have visited many Osho resorts around the country but Nisarga has a special place in my heart. While capturing, a beautiful moment, scene or an object, we feel “wow”, totally forgetting the past & the future and being absorbed by the moment, in the present. It stops only when there is some shock, something which is not digestible, which the mind cannot take in. I still remember the incident when Priya told me to come for work meditation program which I had been wanting to be part of since the day I came to Osho Nisarga for the first time.
I have listened to you saying this again and again and living in Nisarga, this insight really went deep inside me. I have learnt not to blame anybody anymore for my inner state which was very strong pattern of mine and due to which I messed up my relations. I really could not understand how everybody was functioning and living their lives happily. I have to ditch one more doctor now’’ However, for my surprise, I was actually enjoying sitting with this guy.
My heart and soul were already surrendered to Osho, taking His name and mala was a very natural step.
It is a fire that has been inside me for lives before, and now it’s burning again intensely. Finding Osho Nisarga was also an amazing turning point in my journey, and I thank Osho every day, to have put me in this place and everyone here, in my life. I feel courageous to look at my pain, to celebrate in the peaks and rest patiently in the deep valleys.
It seems impossible that he can survive for more than seven years, so if the child is going to die it is useless to make the chart; it will be of no use. Osho begins to regularly address massive gatherings of 20,000 to 50,000 people, in the open-air grounds of India’s major cities.
He personally conducts the meditation amongst his earlier disciples, at various city gardens, beaches, and mountain-retreats across India. On 26th September he initiates his first group of disciples into neo-sannyas, pictured here.
Soon a bustling Ashram that attracts people from all over the world grows around him, with over 100,000 people crossing its gate each year. His discourses offer insights into all the major spiritual paths, including Yoga, Zen, Taoism, Tantra and Sufism.
Therapists from all over the world are attracted and the international community gains a reputation as ‘the world’s finest growth and therapy center.’ Meanwhile, provoked by Osho's controversial statements and methods, a Hindu fundamentalist hurls a knife at Osho during his discourse, but misses.
In view of the possible need for emergency surgery for a degenerative back condition, and on the recommendation of His personal doctors, He travels to the U.S. These cars are gifts to him by his disciples who eventually want him to have 365, one for every day of the year. En route, Osho is held incommunicado and forced to register under the pseudonym, David Washington, in the Oklahoma County jail.
Fearing for His life and the well-being of sannyasins in volatile Oregon, attorneys agree to an Alford Plea on two out of 35 of the original charges against Him.
In February, the Nepalese government refuses visas for His international disciples and closest attendants.

But after only 18 days, on March 5, Greek police forcibly break into the house where He is staying, arrest Him at gun point, and deport him. All of these countries either refuse to grant Him a visitor’s visa or revoke His visa upon His arrival, and force Him to leave. On May 14th the government has scheduled a press conference to announce that Osho will be granted permanent residence.
Later His disciples ask to call Him ‘Osho’ and He accepts to be addressed as Osho Rajneesh. On April 10, 1989, He stops giving His public discourses, concluding with His last discourse on Zen. He inaugurates a special group of white-robed sannyasins called the "Osho White Robe Brotherhood." All sannyasins and non-sannyasins attending the evening darshans are asked to wear white robes. When His doctor inquires whether they should prepare for cardiac resuscitation, Osho says, "No, just let me go. Depending on your route, the distance from Delhi to Osho Nisarga by road is between 525 Km to 580 Km, or between 325 Miles to 360 Miles. After arriving at Pathankot or Chakki Bank, you may either order yourself a taxi, which takes about 2 hours of travelling time, or else you may catch a bus to Dharamsala. Motorbikes can be hired and there are many beautiful roads leading through small villages and towards the incredible views around Triyund, right at the snow line, as well as places such as Dharmakot and Bhagsu-Nag.
There has been a strong Tibetan Buddhist presence in these mountains for several decades, which complements the peaceful meditative atmosphere. All these areas are replete with traditional Buddhist temples, rich Tibetan art and larger than life Buddha statues. The prayers that are held in the evenings in His Samadhi have a strong meditative energy with Sanskrit-chanting coupled with a marvelous view of the mountains.
Ecological in concept and design, and already functioning as a new model of Osho's holistic vision of life, Osho Nisarga is being established as a true 21st century oasis. Some packages include trekking in the mountains, forest walks, visit to local attractions, and more. It was very simply that the person writes an apology in the same place they wrote their criticism, and then the matter is dropped forever, and the individual was allowed in again. And it is the nature of the mind to put its attention on the falling leaves and the nature of consciousness to put its awareness on the space created for new leaves to grow. Reviewing our entry data it shows that, apart from the last New Year’s Eve, you came once last year, and once this.
This is what I want, this is what I stand for, and if the way you perceive Osho’s vision is the one that you are implementing now, I am really not interested. I do know that this situation is creating separations and that separations never lead to anything good and I will do my best to pursue clarity and transparence, understanding and common sense, not to fight against anyone but to help Osho’s place to shine again as it should. Somehow it can be interpreted as devious or very cunning; again the Individual has to surrender to a structure, against him, a way of making distance to others. If it would be running better, the Authorities would serve the Individual, and not the Structure. Other than Russians, who are present at every tourist attraction, very, very few people from the developed western world are coming to Pune or even to India. Haven’t we all been exposed to countless similar stories of suffering, via the media, for most of our lives?
I can now clearly see that he used Zen to get him out of a tight spot, and that is also a lesson and a direction for us.
Nonetheless, that woman was not banned from the ashram and was allowed to wander its precincts freely. It makes me wonder why people bother to go there and my conclusion is that some of the good vibes from a bygone era must still remain, and hence people are drawn there. That is pure fiction, If you take a daily swim and a good long walk there is a lot less chance of requiring medical attention.
Most people, when they put themselves in groups find that they are actually much better off than they thought they were. After having been working in Nisarga for around past 10 months, I have realized that the days when I am really busy and involved in work, I feel so alive by the end of the day.
All of us really got into it helping each other in every possible way to look at how mechanically we function.
I was singing songs and dancing in front of the picture of a beardy Indian fellow, repeating his words like a broken record, crying and laughing at the same time! Existence works in mysterious ways and I feel it has brought me back to Osho in the right time, and my life is His now. Thank you for being with me in every breath that I take, for showing me that crying and feeling pain are also beautiful, that I am responsible for my own happiness, for showing me that I am wanted, I am unique. All I can do is bring more and more awareness into my life and be present in every moment that I can remember. This by his own accounts, is a major influence in his development and his nature to boldly question and challenge everything for the sake of truth. Osho gives regular evening discourses to about 50 people, including his first set of western seekers. Osho also gives Sannyas at these meetings, and also holds 'Energy Darshan' sessions (energy transmission to the disciples). This same year, His American disciples purchase a 64,000-acre ranch in Oregon and invite Him to visit. The city of Rajneeshpuram is incorporated and eventually provides services to 5,000 residents. Until November 1984 he does not speak publicly, only driving by slowly in his Rolls Royce as disciples stand by on the road.
The authorities, however, see the investigation as a golden opportunity to destroy the commune entirely.
According to the rules of the plea, the defendant maintains innocence while saying that the prosecution could have convicted him. Greek media reports indicate government and church pressure provoke the police intervention. Uruguay’s President Sanguinetti later admits that he received a telephone call from Washington, D.C. Thousands of seekers from around the world come together again to be in the presence of Osho, and a new commune grows around him. Osho explains that His name is derived from William James’ word ‘oceanic’ which means dissolving into the ocean. In response to a growing demand from seekers from all over the world, it is being developed independently as a non-profit center and is built on a solid foundation of many years of experience in international commune management. If my opinion did hurt anybody’s personal feelings then I apologize, it was not my intention, my intention simply was and is, to express freely my thoughts and I’ll defend my right to do so against anything and anybody.
Serving a structure is the root of Fascism and is the common way of making distance to the “ordinary” being; if a few do not want to share whatever.
If somebody wants that old-fashioned Indian experience, I feel that people like Swami Anand Arun are doing an excellent job in that department. In fact, Osho seems to have taken on anyone and everyone, which is one of the reasons I found him so interesting. I’m quite sure also that the resort is a beautiful place and that it must take a lot of work to maintan it, no doubt the job of sannyasins who devote their time to the task and thus carry on what has become a tradition. A good example would be people who survived the Nazi extermination camps and went on to do great things in life. Perhaps you should try it some time, instead of watching telly all day long, while stuffing your face with all those pakoras and chappatis that mama is feeding you. He had gone to Leeds just to study the works of Engels and to relax, but he hanged himself in the room to which he had retired for just a few days.
I got into sannyas (in late ‘83) just as he shaved the hippies and put them in (western) suits.
Maybe Sannyas authorities are even worth by following the old tracks again, instead of celebrating together. All creativity is born out of meditation – specially the aesthetic and the artistic creativity. Photography is one such art which requires a person to be meditative, still, fully present in the moment while shooting. When I lead the Photography group, I shall share all the methods and secrets behind the whole transformation.
Everyday a new challenge, a new lesson, a new insight learning from mistakes laughing, singing, dancing, crying and what not. Without any reason, one moment I will feel so sad and other moment I will feel happy and I could see that these states come and go on their own. Really, I have learnt a lot from these trees, mountains, and this beautiful river containing big rocks which look so relaxed. I kept going back there, and for a few weeks, our sessions were just like that: complete silence.
I met beautiful seekers, fellow sannyasins, and I feel Osho’s presence and love through them. I never thought that brushing my teeth and sitting silently doing nothing, could give me so much joy!
By the 1970s he is Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and finally he is known as Osho by 1989 onwards. At this point I doubt your good intentions and I can see that behind your decisions and behavior there might be a plan based on power or profit, or both, nothing to do with Osho’s vision. It is also said that the hospitals are suffering from power-cuts of up to 12 hours a day, and the water and sewage systems are close to collapse, with 40-50 million litres of sewage pouring into the sea daily.
I never met the hippies, dressed as hippies, and it was only after I learned the history of things that I understood what happened. By the time the Ranch got going and recruiting American sannyasins the rebellious hippy element that had once been so much part of Pune One had been almost eradicated. They were the days when a divine matriarch would inspect our turds to make sure they had no meat in them.
The attraction is not just climbing beautiful mountains with a scenic panorama surrounding it — that is not the point. I started listening to him, practicing his meditation techniques, especially active meditations. I need to find my true home, I need to find something that cannot be taken away, not even by death. He is told that if Osho is allowed to stay, the six billion dollar debt Uruguay owes to the U.S.
His body is brought to Gautama the Buddha Auditorium for a celebration, and is then carried to the burning ghats for cremation. So I wonder if I must take legal advice to safeguard my right to participate in the ashram life since I didn’t commit any “criminal” act for being banned, but only expressed my opinion, by the way in the cradle of Democracy.
Hopefully, the authorities do not follow “The orange Order of York” for money and no truth. My advice is to throw the cup away immediately and realise that wherever you stand is holy ground. Reformed hippies, like myself, could not help but notice how frazzled many of those people seemed…grey auras. I am moving into the unknown alone, and it is really scary sometimes but seeing you in all your royalty and grace, standing alone like a fearless lion, gives me courage and strength. Gratitude is really the word for me in this moment, for everything that has ever happened in my story of life. Your only responsibility is to become alert, aware. You feel empty because you have not yet encountered your real self.
I’ve got close Jewish friends who are very divided on this issue and play an active role in what is happening in Israel.
The Beatles’ relationship with the Maharishi had done a bad public relations job for the Indian Guru.
Anyone wishing to visit the Resort would have to become friends with the people living there. Many hippies were aware of it, which just goes to show what power Osho had that he attracted so many hippies in spite of that. We have been brought up and exposed to such circumstances that we developed this personality or mechanism. All you need is just to be watchful, you can be where you are, and you can continue to do what you are doing.
Jacqueline Rose, a brilliant Jewish psycho-analytical writer, has written extensively on the problem and she is highly critical of the state of Israel as are many other courageous Jewish thinkers. If someone says anything to me, it’s not at all personal, it’s just that the person is suffering and needs love, not hatred or condemnation.

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