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Career decisions are tough when you’re 18 and about to launch your life but now that you’re “of a certain age” the prospects of changing careers can feel daunting. What do you need to do to reduce the anxiety about this career change at 40 and figure out your next career? Tap into various career experts and books on the subject of career change and career change at 40. Some of greatest leaders of business didn’t begin the career that catapulted them until much later in life.
The tips for personal reflection and introspection are good but article titles like this promote the idea that someone over 40 is not an asset in the workplace and is over the hill. At 40 a person could easily have well more than half of their working life ahead of them: 27 years vs.

Rest assured, I am confident given any roles (a career change) but the ultimate question is whether the hiring manager has the fear? If you’re staring at the possibility of making a career change at 40 or older and you get the same feeling when thinking of jumping out of a plane – you’re not alone!
You will be shocked at how much you can learn about yourself and what the possibilities might be when you ask people more details about what they do. We can also feel fear, particularly with a career change which comes from the idea that you don’t know what might be ahead for you. If you can list out your fears, you can do the work to investigate and therefore, reduce the effects of what might be at the heart of your concerns.
Even if you outright dislike what you hear, that is still great information for you as it gives you more insight about careers that are out there.

You may discover careers that will capture your skills and interest that you never knew existed.
It’s a strange mix of feelings and there is a reason why you are feeling this way and things you can do. All this experience has served to help us know what we do and don’t like, our values and other factors that drive our decision to make a career change.

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