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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or working for someone else, constant self-development is the key for a successful professional life. Lifelong learning is an important factor of not only professional growth, but also mental wellness. In this post we would like to inspire you to engage in reading in the coming year by feauring a showcase of books that we’ve found both cool and great for professional development.
Richard Branson, founder of the British Virgin Group containing more than 400 companies such as Virgin Media and the Virgin Atlantic Airways is probably one of the most successful entrepreneur of our times. He lives a vivid social media life, and he has also published some great books in which he shares his unique and unconventional views on management, entrepreneurship and business.
The Essential Drucker is an insightful collection of the best essays by the prominent business philosopher, published over a span of more than 60 years. Laszlo Bock, the author of this amazing book currently works as the head of Google’s People Operations team that is basically responsible for the Human Resources of the company. The Alliance is authored by Reid Hoffman, cofounder of Linkedin, Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh, all of whom are successful entrepreneurs and mentors. If you run your own company, or you work as a manager, this book can give you excellent tips on how to recruit, manage, and retain amazing people at your company in a connected world where companies can’t afford to offer lifetime employment any more.
The book has many interesting ideas, such as how employment should be treated as an alliance between independent players rather than a transactional relationship, and many others. Donella Meadows was an influential environmental scientist who became famous with her first book, Limits to Growth which was about the consequences of an uncontrolled growth on a finite planet.

Thinking in Systems, a later work of hers describes how to develop system-thinking skills critical for dealing with the complexity of the 21st century life. This book is not only theorotical though, as it provides you with useful methodology to help you improve your problem-solving skills, which is one of the most important area of personal and professional development. The author, Jamie Holmes approaches the subject of uncertainty from the aspect of social psychology and cognitive science, and introduces you into the upsides of ambiguity such as creativity, empathy, personal development, and inspiration for learning. Not only that, but he also teaches you new skills to use uncertainty to your own advantage.
Have you ever had to deal with high pressure situations such as job interviews, hard exams, sales presentations, price negotiations with clients, and the like? This brilliant book introduces you into the intriguing concept of pressure management, and offers both short and long term practical solutions tested on over 12,000 people to help you overcome the paralyzing effects of pressure and stress. If you have a big idea, but are not sure how to apply it, or just got stuck in your life and seek for personal transformation, you must read this engaging and perspective-shifting book. If you like rise and fall stories told in an engaging, juicy way, you need to check out this fascinating book about Blackberry’s rise and fall, written by the two prominent business writers of the Canadian The Globe and Mail, Jacquie McNish and Sean Silcoff.
Not so long ago Blackberry was the favourite gadget of high-profile professionals, CEOs, and presidents. Losing the Signal investigates the story, and presents the reasons of the rise and the fall in the form of a modern tale. You can learn new practical methods about how to organize your personal and professional life in an environment more complex than ever before, through entertaining real-life examples, such as how not to lose your car keys, how to manage your kitchen junk drawer, how to establish a productive office workflow, and many others. The recommended methods are backed up with the latest research on cognitive neuroscience of attention and memory.
There are powerful concepts that will help you to understand how to rebuild trust in a relationship. Luckily these days there are many amazing books on professional transformation, entrepreneurship, and management out there you can choose from to gain new knowledge and ensure self-improvement.

Although he died in 2005, his books have stood the test of time, and you can gain a great amount of knowledge on economics, business and leadership by reading them. In this book you can learn about the basic principles and concerns of management, its best practices, main challenges, core problems, and most promising opportunities. The Alliance analyzes the problem of the employee-employer relationship that has become broken in our fast-changing and insecure modern world. To learn more about this awesome book, download the first chapter for free, and check it out for yourself. She researched the feasability of sustainable systems at all levels of society, from local to global. Donella Meadows thinks that the biggest problems in the world such as poverty, hunger, and war are system failures that cannot be solved in isoation from others.
Disrupt Yourself, written by Jay Samit serial entrepreneur describes the unique method he has used to invent new products, and launch, grow, and sell businesses in industries such as ecommerce, social media, digital video creation, mobile communications and software development.
If you want to understand how to avoid failure in a superfast, information-ridden, innovation-hungry business world, and want to acquire this knowledge in a really entertaining way, this book was written just for you.
Levitin, bestselling author, neuroscientist, and professor at McGill University shows you how to handle the constant flow of information your brain encounters in today’s insane deluge of data. It’s a must-read to everyone who manages humans and wants to take leadership seriously.

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