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April 1, 2013 by Fred Phillips Leave a Comment Coaching is all about asking questions, and as a leadership development coach, inquiry is the key.
Are you seeking to change roles, jobs, or careers, or do you want to become a better leader in your current role? Are you completely committed to change and inspired to improve and determined to further your development as a leader? What leadership attributes are important in your current job or in the position to which you aspire? What are the two most important areas to work on; areas that will provide you with the best opportunity to reach your aspirations?
How will you make any changes and attempt to apply your new skills to your position or job? How will you know if your newly learned leadership skills have brought about positive change? How will you determine if working with a leadership development coach has been beneficial for you? Will you continue to work with a coach once you feel comfortable that you have elevated your leadership skills to a new level, or do you feel that continued coaching would not be useful?
Will you be likely to pursue knowledge of leadership competencies through books, DVDs, seminars, and workshops?
Are you truly committed to becoming the best leader you can be and willing to work hard to get there?
Do you feel you have the capability to move mountains and motivate others to achieve goals? As a leadership development coach, your raison d’etre is to ask pertinent questions that will inspire and motivate your clients to seek their own solutions. September 10, 2012 by Fred Phillips Leave a Comment Personal coaching is hot right now and personal coach jobs offer a great way to enter a dynamic and financially rewarding industry. According to a study in 2009 by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD), 90 percent of organizations surveyed used coaches and the study also reports that the poor economy did little to reduce this number. Coaching is an easy profession to enter, but it can be a difficult one in which to succeed and prosper.
Personal coach jobs are a dynamite way to pursue personal success while also aiding others in their own journeys to success. By the way… you’re invited to claim your FREE step-by-step “30-Days to Become a Coach” video toolkit.
On the train home I started watching an Icelandic drama aired on the BBC, Trapped, which goes a bit in line with the weather here.
It goes to show that anyone with the right attitude, planning and stamina as well as motivation can achieve their set goals. Having had some time to myself, I decided to shut down my productivity blog ‘tidwows’ this summer.
With my second book on productivity far from being finished, I just don’t have the time to maintain two blogs and two separate sections of productivity, e.g. Having done some research, looking and offers and realising it is a huge financial burden to add a monthly payment to our outgoings, we decided to put our decision on hold until later this year.
Going back to work was fine, having two days in the office is just enough to get on top of things, go through your emails and catch up on 3 days you missed. As always I am working late nights when on the road, exercising early mornings despite my cold. The bathroom on the other hand, having got a decent quote for the things we wanted, we got a horrendous quote on the actual fitting via another company. The food wow chart is my invention, a bit of a competition between the boys who tries more different foods. I keep you posted next week and will also officially talk about the previously mentioned venture I am getting involved in.
Leadership development coaching entails asking the right questions of your clients in order for them to find the right answers.
Here are the categories and the questions that are most likely to generate critical thought and personal reflection in your client while encouraging them to find their own answers and solutions. Coaching is very popular and personal coaches are an important segment of the coaching industry.
It is easy to enter as anyone can call themselves a coach because it is not a regulated industry. Personal coach jobs put you in an enviable position to work in many different fields, such as carer coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, wellness coaching, and success coaching. You may make great money or you may make a decent salary, but personal coach jobs should be chosen for the love of helping people and working in a dynamic and exciting field. However, coaching takes work – fun, exciting, absolutely rewarding work, but it does take work. It’s a bit longer than usual and I just hope to get an aisle seat or extra leg room at least.
Nothing has changed, yet in between I am doing an office job which feels like an ever growing responsibility, strategic mission, sales and product development.
Without wanting to comment on politics it scares me what’s going on in the US re elections. Yet any week seems to be busy at the moment and my schedule is filled up to the end of June. However, if you have the money to buy a used car, or nearly new, out right, it doesn’t stack up to buy new.
I kept up my 5 am routine when being off and also added some additional milage to my running. So within 20 minutes I can read the main and important content from a non fictional book and get the gist of it. My wife managed to raise close to 500 GBP for her half marathon so far which she is doing at the end of the month. Programmatic is flying, syncing the silos of off-line and on-line is gaining momentum and we are busy. Firstly, after a non successful 4 weeks but 2 weeks long dry January, there will be more periods of less alcohol.

Sorry, but I cannot imagine a bathroom fitter taking the same amount as the costs of the whole bathroom.
So far we got to celery, squid, peppers, cucumber, pork chops, chilli (kind of), chicken satay etc. Having a cold and not feeling great, doesn’t help me getting motivated for a January trip to Germany and the Netherlands. One must trust the greater universe for what there is, what there will be and things work out in the future. Maybe we will develop enough new technology for healthcare that we don’t have to worry in the future.
Looks like the only spacious saloon car out there big enough for us giants is the Ford Mondeo so we are thinking of getting one. Today we mainly enjoyed the snow, a long walk, some yummy hot chocolate and cake, another log fire …. Two 10K runs, a 1K swim and two kettle bell sessions topped up with some body resistance training.
Anyone can read a book, watch a webinar, or attend a coaching workshop and declare themselves a coach. Some clients may be more interested in achieving personal goals while others may be focused on professional goals. Coaches may work with people who have problems, but they also work with people who want to sharpen skills, increase performance, or ameliorate some aspect of their lives.
I actually appreciate being corrected, no way of hiding my heritage, despite close to 15 years in the country. It scares me to think what people think and do and what they think ‘is funny’ and what consequences it might have. So we now have three tabby cats that are lovely and get to know each other ?? When I say three, one went AWOL but I am sure she comes back at some point. London traffic resulted in me getting a later train than anticipated, yet it could have been the Uber driver as well. Since I have been to the Natural History Museum, getting my 23andme DNA results and watching a few evolution documentaries, it has been playing on my mind to grasp the complexity of mankind. I had a great night sleep, six solid hours, done a 10K run this morning and there is still a lot of energy left for me to get through this day.
Yet every time we go, the boys seem to understand a little bit more about earth quakes, lava, dinosaurs and so on. Yet, for longer distances, like going to Scotland or Germany, it would be nice to have a more comfortable car. And financing a new car makes sense if the interest rate is lower than the one from the bank….anyway. Scalextric, a group of friends after school and lots of ice-cream, sweets and cake made his day. That of course is because I get a higher salary which automatically eradicates the drive to earn more and more money. We must help the future generations to look after this planet, to come up with ways to save civilisation.
However, I want to worry less about my alcohol consumption and don’t believe, given the statistics, that I have to. More rumours around IPOs, discussions around the industry, if adtech is merging with Martech and how many acquisitions will happen between now and the end of the year. The new car finance deals are tempting, yet we aren’t convinced whether we a) need a car just yet and b) whether a good used one might end up being the better deal. She really goes out of her comfort zone and pushes boundaries to achieve both the fundraising and the fitness. I am a people person, that’s what I do, I want people I deal with being happy and getting value from the exchange with me.
However, to be a good, no, a great coach, you need the proper education, and mentoring by a coach that is experienced, certified, and accredited by one of the governing bodies in the industry.
Most coaches don’t get wealthy, but most make a good living, enjoy their work, and are satisfied that they work in a field in which they can help others achieve goals, dreams, and success. It has been a long time coming with about three occasions I remember where I was supposed to go to NY but never did.
One day it will be business class, right ?? I got a few European trips coming up, some from Heathrow as well, because Easyjet has been changing their flight timetable against my schedule. Whenever we have visitors in London from our Central European or US offices, things get really busy. So sitting on a train at night and watching a drama which is taking place in a snow storm makes you feel extra cold. If you were to take a snapshot of a tube escalator at a busy time in London for instance, you would get a mix of races, cultures, DNAs, attitudes, intellects and illnesses.
It was great, and Rohan’s best part of the museum was how life is created as a dot within a mother’s womb. Whilst I enjoy the thought of having a new Skoda Superb and drive it for three years, then get another new one etc., from a financial point of view it might make more sense to buy used and drive a car for longer. Even a 5 am start doesn’t allow more than 10K before work ?? I think however that this is enough, twice a week. Being in love is the greatest thing in the world, whether this is fresh or fresh every day for many years. Not only the training, but constantly pushing herself out of her comfort zone to raise money, to push boundaries and make it happen. Whilst I am not sure if it was me being very tired or the massage, or a combination of both, but I fell asleep during the massage.
Having said that, I am not greedy, but constantly striving and of course want and ‘need’ to earn more cash ?? You should make hay while the sun shines, shouldn’t you?
I agreed to be a non executive director or strategy advisor for a start up in the programmatic TV space called Video Agnostic.
This might be too futuristic and daunting, but engineers, futurists and technologist will be key to survival of mankind. I just spend two great days meeting clients in Germany and now I am heading to another meeting in Amsterdam, flying back on Friday night.

Yet when discussing the issues with a customer representative, she only saw the delay of the van as the issue and, despite us mentioning it in emails and in conversations, she was oblivious to everything else we complained about over the last few months. Nothing new, and when watching the final episode of MadMen, without wanting to take anything away, I was thinking how my career will turn out, 5 or 10 years from now.
I keep thinking that only if you are working for yourself you are in full control of what you deliver, what you promise.
I normally don’t mind, but find that the first trip of the year is more of a hassle, to get up and going again.
But will that be enough given circumstances like work and the commute, stress and the environment?
Touching base with people that are pushing boundaries and move things forward is satisfying.
We find it very important for them to be exposed to different foods, try things, go out of their comfort zone. It also surprised me to learn that Saudi Arabia had to borrow money as the oil price is so low and Korea as well as Russia launched test missiles. Luckily the trains are warm, and it is almost a comfort feeling of watching TV whilst looking outside the window, into the dark cold countryside. She raised a lot of money, made a lot of friends and generally got a lot fitter – so well done for doing that. I tried our new elliptical trainer which wasn’t too bad and worked on different muscle groups. I haven’t stopped loving my wife for many years and Valentines Day, as commercially driven as it is, just helps me remembering how important she is to me. An area that truly interest me and I believe needs a lot of evangelism and understanding in and of the programmatic landscape.
I am looking forward to play a pivotal part in the programmatic TV Space in the UK moving forward.
Whether that is the local community or the work community, the wider ecosystem, family of course We are here to make a dent in the universe. Having watched Martian the other day makes me think – what would we need to achieve to colonise Mars, to save Earth and venture out to continue living. Whilst I always said that if you monitor things, that you can improve on them, I don’t have to improve on it. But there are many exciting clients and meetings we have schedules, so I am looking forward to going.
Luckily it all worked out and to that point one needs to trust that things will be working out.
I can do without drink, don’t need to prove that to myself, and a detox of two weeks is enough. I love my green trainers but thought maybe it is time to be a bit more smart, to step up the game again.
Whether you read my blog here, at tidwows, my articles on LinkedIn, my book on productivity or you talk to me, negotiate with me, or buy from me. The challenge is that once Valentines has passed, there is in quick succession of my wife’s birthday and then Mother’s day – so she only ever gets flowers in Q1. I cannot wait her crossing the finish line and then moving on to finish a marathon later this year.
If I say it was like taking drugs, never did I take any drugs really, but that’s what it must be like.
Being able to advice top notch developers on go to market strategies, and helping with getting traction in the market place, is a great challenge and a big honour for me. We should finish the house renovation, have a first package holiday with the family, career, fitness, engagement with kids, personal confidence and strengths in multiple ways.
I had some really interesting chats about it, and I am done with counting alcohol, I don’t need to anymore I believe.
The negotiation book I am reading is suggesting the same, the value exchange and making use of the power of standards.
So after the dreadful animal experience with rehoming cats and letting the dog go, we are on an up in regards to the Ballueder zoo. Onward and upwards, the next few weeks there are a few trips and exciting discussions planned. I will continue to spend my days working for my current employer yet also help Video Agnostic too. However 40 used to be old, now coming closer to it, it is more like 50 or 60 being the barrier. Being able to quieten some of those voices, concentrate in the moment, listen and following up properly does help you in negotiations.
The body and its parts are replicated on your feet, and by massaging your feet, your lymph system in your body gets drained and pressure releases. Looking back in one of my reflective moments I realise that I am very happy and grateful for what I have achieved in life so far. The Skoda Superb was thrown in the mix and surprisingly the Mazda CX-5, a mini SUV, which could kind of be a nice family car. Not sure that makes sense but I am pushing boundaries and then rest up for the coming week. I did that for a few monthlong periods but haven’t done it for a while as I am quite aware of what I am eating. However, there is nothing like seeing your kids enjoying a party, playing with their friends and having lots of fun.
Interesting development, as I didn’t think there were that many cars out there that could host us, as the price level we are looking at.

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