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An example career development plan so you can see how someone might put their career development plan together. As discussed in previous blog posts in this series, good governance and human rights are central aspects of global development. This goal meets the criteria for goal setting -- it embodies a consensus normative and ideational objective, is actionable and serves a "booster" function for an important but neglected issue, is universally applicable, and appropriate targets and indicators would strengthen accountability.
Given that civil and political rights targets aim to hold governments accountable for fulfilling international human rights treaty obligations, assessment should be external to government authorities, impartial, and conducted by legitimate international bodies charged with monitoring rule of law and human rights commitments.

Does the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index meet the selection criteria for indicators? This post is part seven of an eight-part series the author is writing on post-2015 Millennium Development Goals. Setting specific and timely goals for yourself will help you see what you want out of life and how to get there. Number of cases of torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment perpetrated by an agent of the State or any other person acting under government authority without judicial due process, as reported by the UN Special Rapporteurs on Torture and on Violence against Women.

Learn more about setting "SMART" goals by completing the brief Online Goal Setting Workshop.

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