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Although there is a large amount of fun and adventure in Scouting, that is our method not our purpose.
Scouting takes all the dimensions of the human personality into account and, therefore, identifies several areas of growth on which Scouting's educational objectives are based.
When the human personality is developing, the six areas of growth interact with each other. The body seems to be at the root of everything else: emotions, intelligence and social nature. Scouting has an explicit goal: to help young people develop their full potential so that they can be fulfilled as individuals and contribute towards the development of society. These results should be observable by the young person themselves, by peers and by adult leaders. To learn more about the Scout Program and the Areas of Personal Growth, explore the links below.

The following webpages will focus on information and action for your client's personal growth to tolerate change, manage stress, balance work and family, handle anger and prevent burnout. A Decision Matrix Tutorial - Let Barry Zweibel teach you how to objectively assess your choices without having to rely so heavily on your gut feel.
It is through one's senses and body that one discovers the world and communicates with others. Your clients will learn life skills and you will become a more confident therapist with more useful suggestions to offer. It cannot develop independently from one's relationship with others and with oneself; it is based on sociability, intelligence and emotion.

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