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Don't be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Our deepest beliefs and conceptions about life and the world are to some degree conditioned by our childhood experiences, our education, the mass media, and various other external influences.
When scientists on the static intelligence end of the spectrum encounter evidence which seriously questions the established paradigm, they attempt to discredit the new information using laws and principles previously agreed upon under the old paradigm. Scientists with a high degree of fluid intelligence who are attracted to study matters outside the current paradigm are often labeled kooks or wacky by those operating with static intelligence. In recent years, many key pioneers have been successful in operating within the modern scientific paradigm with a very high degree of fluid intelligence. These engaging books and films are highly recommended for those interested in exploring the work of scientists who are promoting greater awareness of ourselves and our universe, and helping people to develop more fluidity in consciousness. In the old paradigm, static intelligence generally does not acknowledge the existence of consciousness apart from a brain. Please understand that those involved with presenting this material have no desire to make you believe anything. On one level we may know, as Galileo once contended, that the Earth is the third planet from the sun. On an expanded level of consciousness, we may believe that humanity is meant to find ways to let go of anger and to live in peace and harmony with each other. By choosing to be transparent, the inconsistencies within us and in the world become increasingly apparent, thus allowing us greater choice in how we deal with them. The more coherently we believe something on all levels of consciousness, the more the universe tends to shape itself around those beliefs.The more deeply we know something to be true, the more likely we will see and experience the world in terms of that truth. Yet this does not necessarily mean that what is true for one person, no matter how deeply it is experienced, will be true for others. Some individuals have a greater ability to influence the beliefs of those around them than others. Yet the more transparent we are to ourselves and to the world around us, the more consciously we can make choices. As we choose both fluidity of intelligence and transparency, we increasingly invite learning, growth, and expansion on many levels in our lives.
Let us then choose to be open, transparent, and fluid both with ourselves and with each other, and to offer support for the limitless possibilities of growth and expansion which lie within each one of us.

To hear is to perceive sound, to listen is to tune into those sounds selectively, this is the process that shapes and binds our connections to the world around us. You may have heard of the Tomatis Method before, or you may have heard of auditory training, listening therapy or even auditory stimulation therapy, all names for the various ways sound can be used to heal. The Tomatis Method recognises that people of all ages can be trained to process incoming sound more effectively than they usually do. Explore several dynamic online courses which invite you to shine light into the darkness, open more fully to love, and powerfully expand your horizons.
It is rather the ability to step outside of our beliefs and consider information which does not fit into our previously accepted view of reality. An individual's level of fluid intelligence can be determined based on the degree to which he or she is able to let go of previously held conceptions on encountering reliable information or experiences which show these conceptions to be mistaken or overly simplistic. If an individual is rarely willing to reconsider or challenge their established beliefs, they are said to have a high degree of static intelligence.
Einstein, Galileo, and Pasteur were all ridiculed by many respected scientists of their day for their amazing discoveries which ushered in entire new branches of knowledge. Be prepared for the unexpected and consider choosing the more fluid end of this spectrum of intelligence.
These courageous individuals have used accepted scientific principles and careful research to challenge old paradigm beliefs.
In the new paradigm, quantum physics is increasingly recognizing that consciousness may be a critical factor in what determines reality. This can be a valuable opportunity for you to examine your viewpoint and consider revising and expanding your beliefs. Yet we are interested in challenging all of us to open to more expanded levels of belief and experience in all aspects of our lives.
We also know that our solar system is located in one arm of a spiral galaxy far from its center, which is far from the location of the Big Bang which allegedly formed the universe. Yet on a more contracted level, we may individually feel fully justified in being quite angry and upset at someone in our family or at some politician or powerful group. Though our minds might like to convince us otherwise, most of us walk through life with many contradictions within our consciousness.
We naturally become more open and better able to understand and integrate conflicting beliefs on various levels.
Those who have a very strong, coherent energy field that is directed outwards generally appear dynamic and charismatic to others. Whether we choose to direct our energy more outward or inward, each of us is doing what we believe to be right in each moment.
And the more fluid we are in expanding our intelligence and beliefs, the more powerfully we can adapt to and make good use of the changes that occur in our lives and world. For years Mary Ann had been plagued by anxiety and nervousness, like so many people in today’s fast paced and frenzied society she had failed to pursue many of her life long interests and desires due to overriding feelings of apprehension and fear.

It is well documented that sound impacts our 21st Century lives in a myriad of ways; we are surrounded and immersed in it. We also recognise that many people have weaknesses in their ability to process sound and this affects them in a multitude of ways. And to learn about the real saint upon which the character of Santa Claus was developed, click here.
At worst, the evidence is actively attacked as being irrational or unscientific, even though it may be easily tested and verified.
Consider also opening to guidance and support in exploring areas where you might feel stuck in old belief patterns. Rather the way we perceive our life and world may be a key factor in determining gene activity. Yet on another level, the Earth is for us in our daily lives the very center of our universe, as the church once argued against Galileo. Through choosing to identify, understand, and transform the inconsistencies within ourselves, they can actually become potent teachers inviting us to expand our awareness, if we allow them to.
We may live in the same physical world, yet our beliefs about what is true and real, and our emotional experience of this world can be quite different. They are thus more easily able to convince those around them of what they believe or know to be true. These fears combined with serious sleeping difficulties led to a prolonged bout of stress and depression. Most of you know about the effects of sound, in changing your mood for example, but research has also shown that music has the ability to raise or lower your blood pressure, affect your muscular energy, change your metabolism, influence your digestion and have a powerful effect on your emotions and behaviour. The idea that the ear plays a crucial role in communication, in social and psychological development is a unique one, first researched and highlighted by Dr Alfred Tomatis, who is now considered to be the pioneer of the use of sound stimulation to re-educate the ear to improve learning and language abilities, communication, creativity and social behaviour. Like many others Mary Ann knew that there was more to life than she was experiencing, finally after struggling for 45 years the Tomatis Program gave her the ability to really do what she wanted to do with her life and then to take the steps to actualise her desires. The Tomatis Method uses this principle of healing sounds but also bases itself on the relationship which exists between the ear and the voice, between listening and communication. For Mary Ann the miraculousness of the Tomatis Program lay in its ability to give her the confidence and the energy to do things she would never have dared to before. It allowed her to feel a sense of joy that had been missing for so long whilst giving her a sense of focus and forward looking.

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