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Research largely shows that religion and spirituality have a positive correlation to psychological well-being. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.
However, there has been a great deal of confusion and debate over their operational definitions. This study attempted to delineate the two constructs and categorise participants into different groups based on measured levels of religious involvement and spirituality. A structural model of parental alcoholism, family functioning and psychological health: the mediating effects of hardiness and personal growth orientation.
Religiousness, spirituality, and psychosocial functioning in late adulthood: Findings from a longitudinal study. Assessing spirituality through personal goals: implications for research on religion and subjective well-being. Toward a unifying theoretical and practical perspective on well-being and psychosocial adjustment. Spiritual transcendence as a predictor of psychosocial outcome from an outpatient substance abuse program.

Cross-cultural generalizability of the spiritual transcendence scale to the philippines: Spirituality as a human universal. Claims of near-death experiences, gestalt resistance processes, and measures of optimal functioning.
The meaning in life questionnaire: Assessing the presence of and search for meaning in life. A total of 205 participants from a wide range of religious affiliations and faith groups were recruited from various religious institutions and spiritual meetings.
Advances in the conceptualization and measurement of religion and spirituality: Implications for physical and mental health research.
Cross-cultural generalizability of the spiritual transcendence scale in India:spirituality as a universal aspect of human experience. They were assigned to one of four groups with the following characteristics: (1) a high level of religious involvement and spirituality, (2) a low level of religious involvement with a high level of spirituality, (3) a high level of religious involvement with a low level of spirituality, and (4) a low level of religious involvement and spirituality. Multiple comparisons were made between the groups on three measures of psychological well-being: levels of self-actualisation, meaning in life, and personal growth initiative.
A model of trauma with spirituality and religiosity: The mediating and moderating effects of personal growth initiative and openness to experience (Doctoral dissertation).

As predicted, it was discovered that, aside from a few exceptions, groups (1) and (2) obtained higher scores on all three measures.
Religious involvement, spirituality and personal meaning for life: Existential predictors of psychological wellbeing in community-residing and Institutional care elders. Rediscovering the later version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs: Self-transcendence and opportunities for theory, research, and unification. Spirituality: Description, measurement and relation to the five factor model of personality. As such, these results confirm the importance of spirituality on psychological well-being, regardless of whether it is experienced through religious participation.
Religious struggle as a predictor of mortality among medically ill elderly patients: A 2-year longitudinal study.

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