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Today we are going to go over what is personal growth and how it can help you in every single area of your life. Be sure you pay attention at the end of the article as I will direct you to the yellow brick road of your personal growth. Personal growth is a continual process that allows you to experience all the riches that life has to offer, including but not limited to spiritual, mental, social, physical, and financial. Reading, meditation, praying, self-reflection, all of these things can help with your personal growth in this area. Most of what happens to us in this life is determined by how we interpret what happens around us.

Your thoughts have such a huge impact on your life that you probably don’t realize it. One of the things that I started doing when I began my personal growth journey was to focus on the good about everything (even when it didn’t look like it was good). I’m constantly struggling with this myself but I take an agenda of who I surround myself with. I began my personal growth journey a few months ago and I can not believe how far I’ve come.
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