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ReviewIt's a rare moment when an artist takes his established, even iconic work and makes it still stronger, but Peter Gabriel's live two-CD set Secret World Live is just such a moment.
As a transition for Gabriel to move from the main stage to the smaller stage at the center of the arena, the man does not simply walk, but instead mimics the act of rowing across a river with the help of a giant oar and a conveyor belt.  Sure there are people that will see this as a bit much, but I appreciate the effort put in the production here. Sherry McKay: I am going to say Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada, and Donald Trump. Peter Gabriel’s Secret World Live is good, very good in fact, and a better representation of Gabriel’s stage abilities than last years New Blood - Live In London to be honest, though you have to realize that this is Peter Gabriel nearly two decades ago. If you've read our (Ken and Paula) story about being on Escape To The Continent, then you read the lyrics to Peter Gabriel's beautiful song, Secret World, you'll know just why we chose this song as the inspiration to our quest to move to Spain.The lyrics, shown below, reflect some beautiful sentiments worth considering when thinking of the perfect song for your first dance at your wedding. Keep In TouchJoin my VIP mailing list to receive the latest news about upcoming releases and special offers just for subscribers!Let's Connect! 101 Writers' Scene Settings* Unique Location Ideas* Sensory Details to bring a scene to life* Create Vivid Scene Settings* Free download copy of the Settings Checklist Develop all the elements within a location to ensure you write realistic, intriguing descriptions shown from the character’s point of viewFind out more about 101 Writers' Scene Settings. A~Z Writers' Character Quirks* Identify Characters* Define Character* Create ConflictQuirks and habits serve several purposes in fiction. When Peter Gabriel left the popular prog rock band Genesis in 1976 he took a very different musical direction from his former bandmates. Peter Gabriel is an extremely passionate musician and songwriter who has earned international acclaim, not only for his music but also for his human rights work and his promotion of world music.
From an early age, he was also influenced by nature and this fascination with the natural elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – became pillars in his creative journey. In fact, what originally engaged me with Gabriel’s work was his instinctual use of the four elements as a creative influence and his lyrical ability to brilliantly weave his physical and emotional connection with nature through his personal stories. During his time at Charterhouse, Gabriel used music as an emotional and creative outlet, playing drums and piano, and singing. In 1967, Genesis began creating pop songs that reflected the influence of The Beatles and soul music. Despite the band’s success, Gabriel left Genesis in 1975, apparently due to creative tensions. Since becoming a solo artist, Gabriel has released eight solo studio albums, along with several compilations and live albums. He has also composed several soundtracks for films, including Birdy (1984) and Passion (1989).  He has contributed songs for films such as Philadelphia (1994), City of Angels (1998) and, recently, the Oscar-nominated song “Down to Earth” written for the film Wall-E (2008).
Gabriel launched own high-tech recording studio in the early 80s, created as an environment for him to record his own material and that of world musicians. In 1986, Gabriel participated in the Conspiracy of Hope concert tour for Amnesty International. Peter Gabriel is one of a few select artists who, over the course of more than four decades, has used music as an inspirational tool to connect people and help those in need. When I was really young I loved the song called Sledge Hammer but I never knew the name of the song, I though he was saying Snake Charmer lol but I realized that was not the case after a few years. Peter Gabriel is and awesome performer and artist, if you want to see an amazing performance of his look on Youtube he did a 2003 tour called ( The Growing Up ) tour in Milan, Italy.
Check out the Solsbury Hill song he dose at this tour, not only dose he do the vocials but he is riding a bike on stage at the same time, most people cant sing or ride a bike for that matter lol never mind doing it at the same time with out falling off the stage.
While he is an amazing singer and lyricist, for me, Peter Gabriel is above all else, an amazing artist, showman and story teller. Secret World is one of my favourite PG tunes, I think the bassline from Tony Levin pretty much blows me away to this day.

Gabriel has some select dates coming up this month in Europe and North America in support of his new album.
I haven’t had the opportunity to see him live but I’m sure it would be incredible! When you take a look at his entire body of work, it’s clear that he is very ambitious and has an incredible work ethic. Now, maybe it’s time to dust off that guitar I’ve dragging around for years and actually learn how to play it? Over the recent time I have fallen in love with Peter Gabriel and genesis Im 28 so its a little before my time but so are a lot of my other favorites. Recorded in Modena, Italy, during a January 1994 performance on his Secret World tour, the album and the concurrent video release bring songs threaded together by the images of earth and water into a cycle that explores relationships between men and women. The camera is mounted to face Gabriel in an unflattering extreme close up.  With reality TV we’ve seen this shot before, but this was 1994, and I appreciated the lack of vanity taken here to try to enhance the experience of the song. Still, this is a release that people need to see, thanks to a stupendous setlist including some of Gabriel’s massive hits like the quirky “Sledgehammer” and the solemn “Solsbury Hill,” and that’s not even to mention tracks like “Don’t Give Up” and “In Your Eyes.” And as for stage presence, Gabriel delivers in spades, utilizing his stage like a playground, one complete with multi-level staging filled with elevators, moving floors and trap doors, and even a huge UFO which lowers from the ceiling. How long will it last this time?Kylie Jenner split with Tyga allegedly for real this time and the breakup has left her feeling very sick. The song is long enough to give the bridal couple some time alone on the dance floor and for the DJ to invite the guests onto the floor half way through. Interested in the beats of African music Gabriel added a world music flavor to his arty pop music.
His childhood was full of outdoor exploration, which greatly fueled his creative imagination. There, he met his future bandmates Mike Rutherford, Anthony Phillips, Chris Stewart and Tony Banks.
However, by 1970 their musical abilities developed further as they grew into a progressive rock band. Their theatrical stage shows — including a compelling stage design accented by Gabriel’s flamboyant presence and his penchant for costumes that reflected the lyrical and musical ideas of the songs — garnered international attention. An unparalleled use of acoustic and electric instruments coupled with the theatrics of a brilliant frontman set them apart.
His 1977 self-titled debut included the song “Solsbury Hill”, which explored his exit from Genesis and newfound freedom.
It features a distinct collection of cover songs written by artists ranging from David Bowie, Paul Simon and Neil Young to Radiohead and Arcade Fire.
In fact, Gabriel’s love of world music has inspired him to work with musicians from all parts of the globe. This was a distinct turning point in his life, heightening his global perspective and leading to his passionate and ongoing work for human rights. In 2007, he was given the Ivor Novello Award for lifetime achievement for his music and video work. You can also subscribe without commenting.Yes, please add me to your mailing list for your weekly digest! Along the way, his dedication has awarded him the opportunity to learn from many great guitar players in a wide variety of genres.
There’s a slate of extras as well, such as extra tracks like “Red Rain” and “the Rhythm of the Heat,” as well as a photo montage and exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage that should come to be expected with any tradition Eagle Vision release, but the main selling point of Secret World Live is getting to go back in time and reminisce about Gabriel’s sonic glory days. SECRET WORLD LIVE captures this interest in world music and incorporates instruments like the doudouk and African drums.

Gabriel’s father had an electrical degree and a love of technology, while his mother was a talented pianist.
At age 12, he was already experimenting creatively with music, playing various instruments and writing songs. The band’s lineup was further strengthened with the addition of guitarist Steve Hackett and drummer Phil Collins.
Genesis shows often featured a white backdrop with black lights to accentuate Gabriel and his costumes, and silhouette the band. In 1973, the band released Selling England by the Pound, which included the hit songs  “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)” and “The Cinema Show”.  The 70s also heralded the band’s concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, with story and lyrics created entirely by Gabriel. Overall, the creative process within the band had become too constricting through the attempts of each member to have equal input.
However, any musician can attest that the prospect of total creative control can be the tipping point towards striking out on his or her own. He created the world music festival WOMAD (World of Music Arts and Dance) in Europe and the record label Real World Records, two projects that have helped showcase world musicians to a mainstream audience.
Four years later, he co-founded WITNESS, a program that uses online and video technologies to shed light on global human rights violations. He has also been awarded the Man of Peace award of the Nobel Peace Laureates, as well as being named a Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres for his philanthropic efforts. Throughout his career, music has been his ultimate means of communication in bridging the emotional and natural differences between our many cultures. This early exposure to technology and music would form the foundation of his lifelong passions. At 13, he began four years of study at Charterhouse, a prestigious boarding school in Godalming, Surrey, England, considered a prep school for England’s elite universities. To this day, Genesis remains one of the most popular rock bands in history, selling in excess of 150 million albums. Furthermore, Gabriel’s growing interest in film and other side projects was not welcomed. With that comes the realization that the drive to move forward and create rests solely on your own shoulders.
If you have seen Peter Gabriel in concert, please share some of your comments about the shows. The process of writing all of the lyrics for The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway gave Gabriel a glimpse of solo life, which ultimately fueled his decision to leave Genesis. With hits such as “Red Rain”, “Sledgehammer”, “Big Time”, and “Mercy Street”, this quickly became his most successful album. To experience some of Peter Gabriel’s music, seek out and have a listen to these select tracks which are standouts in an extraordinary career.
These songs are an excellent starting point for new listeners and a glimpse at his large body of work.

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