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In my time running online health and fitness challenge groups and working with countless people who joined the groups only giving thought to the physical benefits, it never gets old for me to ask about what kinds of non-physical benefits they have found through committing to exercise after only a couple of weeks. I'm a mama to two little ones as well as a health and fitness coach who is passionate about helping others achieve a healthy, natural, and fit lifestyle. Benefits of Physical ActivityDoing physical activity not only helps your image but can aslo help your body functionand prevent certain illnesses such as: Heart disease and diabetes. The views and opinions expressed in this page and site, unless specifically noted, are strictly those of John Timan.
The benefits of physical activity accumulate across a lifetime, according to a new study published in the October issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Researchers in England and Australia examined the associations of leisure time physical activity across adulthood with physical performance and strength in midlife in a group of British men and women followed since birth in March 1946. The study, conducted by investigators from the MRC Unit for Lifelong Health in London, and the School of Population Health, University of Queensland in Australia, used data from about 2400 men and women from the UK Medical Research Council National Survey of Health and Development. They analyzed self-reported leisure time physical activity levels at 36, 43 and 53 years of age.

Standing balance requires mental concentration and subtle motor control and measures a number of neurophysiological and sensory systems. Participants who were more active at all three ages showed better performance on the chair-rise test. This entry was posted in fitness and tagged aging, fitness, leisure, leisure time, motor control, muscle, muscle strength, physical activity on September 7, 2011 by pilladvised.
I am somewhat prone to spells of depression, and exercise is a healthy way for me to keep those away. I also need to keep up with my toddlers ?? I need to print this out and put it in my office to remind me to work out more often. Cooper continued, “We found that there are cumulative benefits of physical activity across adulthood on physical performance in mid-life. During the 53-year investigation, grip strength, standing balance, and chair rise times were measured as indicators of strength and physical performance.
Chair-rise times are associated with lower body strength and power, as well as cardiorespiratory fitness.

Persons more active at ages 43 and 53 had better performance on the standing balance test.
Cooper added that the findings in relation to chair rising and standing balance performance suggest that promotion of leisure time physical activity across adulthood would have beneficial effects on physical performance later in life and hence the functional health and quality of life of the aging population. Practicing yoga regularly strengthens the immune system, prevents illness, improves flexibility and it makes you feel comfortable with your body. High acidity in body causes bone and tissue damage, arthritis, fatigue, stress and headache. I also love the general feeling of well-being I have when I exercise regularly; a good workout helps keep me sane, and that’s more important than ever with a toddler underfoot! Increased activity should be promoted early in adulthood to ensure the maintenance of physical performance in later life.

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