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12 Dec 2010 Secondly the Singhalese have no self esteem either they have been imbued Then I wrote a book on “Successful immigrant”, and then I wrote 22 Jan 2013 Dr. Udhayamurthy authored 23 books, most of which spoke on personality development and self-confidence. For many, the very concept of self-esteem has negative connotations, because it calls to mind the comparisons we make between ourselves and others. He also authored books on The activities of the Tamil Association functions under the banner Tamil Mandram.

So how do you build real self-confidence?In The Power of Self-Compassion, you will learn that focusing on self-compassion, rather than self-esteem, is actually the best way to build true, lasting self-confidence. For too long self-esteem has been based on the idea that if you achieve certain goals you are doing okay.
The skills and behavioral techniques outlined in this book are drawn from the groundbreaking compassion-focused therapy (CFT), which holds that being compassionate to yourself—even when things are not going well—is central to building real self-confidence.With compassion-focused therapy, you will adopt an accepting attitude about your strengths and weaknesses, and a commitment to change that doesn’t depend on being overly critical of yourself or comparing yourself with others. In addition, you will learn how the concept of self-confidence fits in the context of our evolution, biology, and life experiences.If you are looking to improve your self-confidence, the behavioral steps provided in this book can help you focus on the areas in your life that need improvement, so that you can build a stronger sense of self-worth and competence.

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