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You made me commit to things that needed to be done in helping me move forward in all aspects of my life. By Jan Marie Leave a Comment Deciding to change is easy…actually doing it is a whole different kettle of fish!
Back when I started this blog, I was at a point in my life where I knew things needed to change and I was ready to commit to putting in the time and energy I was sure it would take me to do so. Over the past year and a half, I?ve learned to focus more on my family, take the time I need for myself, define my goals and devise strategies to get me there…and much, much more. And while committing to take action and do what?s needed to turn your life around is the first step, where do you go from there?
While I can help point you in the right direction, only you know which positive change you need to introduce into your life first, second and third.
I?ve chosen silencing your inner critic as the first challenge to overcome because I believe this is the foundation for all the other important changes to come. I learned this when I first got started writing — when I allowed myself to listen to that negative voice and let self-doubt take over, I would give into procrastination and distraction. Learning to put a muzzle on my inner critic as well as being able to take whatever it throws at me and twist it around to the positive had been invaluable in helping me overcome so many challenges in my life. Focus on this change first and you?ll find making the other positive changes that much easier. Doing this won?t just help you recognize the negative thoughts holding you back, it?ll also give you the ammunition you need to silence them for good.
I?ll be the first to admit that I am not crazy about exercise; I?d much rather curl up on the sofa with a good book than work up a sweat. Moving your body on a regular basis opens up a whole new world of possibility and creativity. Allowing myself to focus on one thing at a time took a lot of stress out of my day and had me feeling a lot happier overall. I know the idea of focusing on only one goal may seem hard at first, but here?s what you do.
You?ll not only feel better about yourself, you?ll also notice others reacting differently towards you and treating you better. In other words, I have a set ritual I follow when I first get up, a ritual I follow before I start work each day, a ritual for ending my work day and one final ritual I follow before I go to sleep.
All in all, these 7 positive life changes have made it possible to sculpt and live the life of my dreams.

Daily affirmations are a practice of positive thinking, which involves repeating to oneself a carefully formatted statement frequently.
To help crank up your motivation and help improve every area of your life, we’ve put together a series of massive positive affirmations for prosperity, health, love and relationships, self-esteem and inner peace.
Let’s get you started with these 150+ positive affirmations.  Go through the list to choose the ones that are personal to you, and recite these daily. New opportunities are showing up daily and I am motivated to take action towards those opportunities.
By commemorating the smallest nuggets of success I am motivated to complete the larger tasks. By commemorating the smallest nuggets of success, I am motivated to complete the larger tasks. By Jan Marie Leave a Comment The year is nearing it?s end and, for many, this is a time of new beginnings. This got me thinking about some of the life lessons I?ve learned over the 5 decades of  my lifetime and how they might be able to help you  in your search to lead a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Stop worrying about what everyone else has or what you don?t have yet and start enjoying your life the way it is right now. It?s much better to be happy in the moment then spend all your time dreaming of what will be. Don?t get me wrong, there?s nothing wrong with having goals and wanting to better your lot in life. All you need is to make a few really good decisions to have incredible success in your life.
So, be particular about what you want – narrow down your goals and move forward with the most important ones. Probably the thing that has had the most profound affect on my sense of self and overall happiness has been choosing to do something I look forward to each and every day. An awful lot of people spend so much time worrying about what everyone else is doing that they never get around to doing much themselves. In this information age, thinking you have to be able to do everything can be a HUGE mistake. So, while improving your weaknesses is never a bad idea, leveraging your talents can be a real game-changer. When it comes to our happiness and contentment, we have complete and utter control…over our thoughts, our choices and our actions.
I want to ensure that I continue to relate in a positive and supportive manner to everyone.

And while the saying "Change your thoughts, change your world" seems simple enough, it just is not that easy to do. That said, though, there are a few I feel are particularly important when it comes to laying the groundwork for future success. Look closely at obstacles that might crop up along the way and make a plan for pushing past them. That?s not saying these will be the changes you need to make but if you?re unsure about where to start they may help point you in the right direction.
I was actually proud of all I could handle at one time…or, should I say, thought I could handle.
They help me focus on what?s important and stick to the habits that keep me positive and productive. The affirmations need to be in the present tense, personal, positive, energetic, and specific for it to be effective.
Still, learning to love what you have at this point in time can sustain you on your journey to a better life. You have to commit to putting in the time needed to integrate these changes into your life. You have to crack down on the critic inside your head and learn to turn those negatives into positive and more empowering beliefs. At the end of the day, sit down and work on putting a positive spin on each of your negative thoughts. They keep me from giving into distraction and help make sure I get those things done that I really want to get done each day.
When you repeat these positive affirmations daily, you re-train your brain to think differently and to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.
Luckily, it?s human nature to enjoy doing things that showcase our strengths – it also makes life easier. The problem is they often have several areas in their life that need changing and it?s hard to know where to start.

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