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There are several other factors aside from self esteem that also help to bounce back from depression.
Just as much as there are factors that help to bounce back, there are also factors that contribute to the risk of developing depression.
Self esteem is to do with feeling good about yourself and is a vital factor to build in order to overcome depression.Here are some examples of ‘feeling good about yourself’ statements. Low self-esteem makes us filter in information that only supports our bias about ourselves – that we are no good – and it makes us ignore all the good stuff, keeping us stuck in believing that the inaccurate thoughts we have about ourselves are correct.
Perfectionism tends to work in tandem with low self-esteem.Learn to feel good about yourself even when you are not exactly how you would like to be. You probably apply yourself 100% to trying to get this right.What would happen if you applied yourself 90% to some of these goals?

Perfectionists may sometimes see others as perfect and compare and contrast themselves against them – usually unfavourably. Ask people you admire whether there are any experiences they have seen as failures in their lives. The fact is we need to be able to experience all sorts of emotions, that include both failure as well as success. APPLICATIONS: Considering the well-verified in the Polish adaptation construct validity, and ease in application, Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale is recommended most of all in research settings. Copyright 2011 - Pracownia Testow Psychologicznych Polskiego Towarzystwa Psychologicznego Sp. Wskaz newsletter, ktory chcesz zasubskrybowac, lub z subskrypcji ktorego chcesz zrezygnowac.

The manual contains also data useful in score interpretation during the individual diagnosis.
Subject answers on a four-point scale depending on the degree to which he or she agrees with the statements.

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