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We may shove them down, drink them down, shop them down, sex them down, but they are there, telling us to take a different direction. Most negative feelings sneak up on you like fog because they are learned habits of feelings. We would like to believe that our moods are all controlled by our biochemistry and give responsibility for them to something other than our control over them. The filter for your thinking is your choice to direct your brain to go where you want it to go. You can train your thoughts and you can train your feelings to work with you or to work against you. If you are more used to feeling negative emotion than positive emotion, then your moods will lean you in that direction.
Had a rough morning yesterday, but that morning turned into an amazing afternoon once I took a walk, breathed a lot, got back to my pulsing, my certitude, and said my daily prayer to myself.
I think it’s so amazing that you took hold of the moment and began pulling yourself out of the down spiral you found yourself in. Learning how to grow and pulse positive emotions is hands down the best thing Ive learned in the last year. I’ve gained so much from this course: the emotional gym, learning about strengths and recognizing mine, identifying the keys to optimism, being mindful of Zeno factor focus, and studying the research about the benefits of positivity. I don’t know if I have explained well my confusion and my newly discovered understanding, but I am so happy to have found it! One last thought: it is absolutely true that “[we create our] own mood predisposition, and [we] can change it” as the post above states.
NeuroPositivity is what results when you increase the growth and stimulation of neuropathways in the brain that control positivity. Discover a chapter summary of a book by Tony Buzan with the Meta Positive Thinking Formula Mind Map.
The Meta Positive Thinking Formula Mind Map will help you to appreciate a chapter summary of the book by Tony Buzan. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) researchers have developed the world’s first multi-state memory cell. Project leader and co-leader of the RMIT Functional Materials and Microsystems Research Group, Dr.

You can sort through your thinking and you can, by choosing your thoughts and your feelings, feel better or feel worse.
If you are more accustomed to choosing positive emotions, your lean will bring more “good” into your life. I have positivity as one of my strengths, but I still suffer from bouts of negativity when I am not mindful of what I’m thinking and feeling. But the first thing I do after I hit post is to read what everyone else has to say because I know I will love it! I am so thankful you frequently remind us of this and are a good role model for this as well. Again, I love to hear about the journey you’ve been on because the outcome is so beyond what most people could manage on any level.
It all immediately resonates with me and has significantly added to my quality of life in a short amount of time … But, every once in a while something comes up that is a sticking point for me. Larkin and Johnson in their knowledge, wisdom, and experience and so have maintained around this theme a state of mind of openness and room for new understanding, knowing that it would become clearer to me as I continue to gain information, knowledge, and experience with the teachings. Another is to draw upon your strengths to find a solution to whatever challenge is causing you to be in a downward spiral.
I must credit this insight to the benefits of regularly being in an Upward Spiral and using the emotional gym tonight to achieve a higher Emotional Scale score in the face of both feeling the challenge of writing this blog while very tired and feeling somewhat frustrated at my confusion in tonight’s topic.
We can control our thoughts and by working out mentally in the Emotional Gym, we increase the positive lean of our brains. Human brain cells, memory cells to be exact, are being tweaked and improved to create an intelligence like never seen before.
One of the most important uses will be directed toward finding cures for neurological diseases.
It’s a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about knowledge, awareness and self-improvement. That is just another great anecdote to reinforce the importance of becoming aware of where we are, and what to do if it’s not where we want to be. I’ve done a looooot of work in my life – removing whatever obstacles stand in the way of my happiness and ability to lead a meaningful, well-lived life.
But the answer that finally clicked for me tonight is: to recognize or discover the truth or reality of a situation!

But all that work I mentioned I did in the past definitely changed my mood disposition to one of gratitude and positivity and personal responsibility.
Larkin says there is no limit to the Upward Spiral, and I can absolutely grasp how that is possible. In addition the mind map covers motivational and health implications plus positive habit development. As the words erupt and form new life, she knows that she is yet again free from the nagging persistence of her muse.
I think it’s so cool how people and philosophies can say similar things but do it in a completely different way. Some of that work involved “digging in” to some of my past issues, focusing on them, and often asking myself “why.” So, when this comes up in class or the readings, I find myself questioning or unable to understand in some ways this particular area of teaching. Now, the new growth I am achieving as a result of the Emotional Gym and all I am learning in this course, is dramatically changing my mood disposition, once again. Instead of storing basic digital memories, stored as 0s and 1s, these new devices have the ability to retain previous information. She is a mother of three and a lifetime fan of the thought-provoking and questionable aspects of the universe. Your first 2 paragraphs sum up so perfectly what I was thinking about with The Work but didn’t really articulate well.
It feels like it contradicts what I have found to be very true in my own life and my need for healing, examining the past, and honoring my feelings, etc. It’s focusing on the solution by uncovering the truth (which you can really get at in the first question “Is this true?” and the turn around.) With that knowledge, you can climb back up the UpwardSpiral and use a strength to face your challenge. It’s shifting to that of deepened gratitude and positivity as well as self-acceptance and self-confidence, openness to increasing amounts of love and receiving, an abundance of hope and powerful creative energy, a strengthened trust in flow, and an internalized peace about my life and all of life. It also seems to conflict with our most recent video regarding Byron Katie’s The Work (which I have very successfully been using for many years). Even though life continues to throw flaming hot frisbees in my direction I can simply step out of the way and know everything will turn out OK.

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