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I Shouldn’t Be Watching This takes a writer who would otherwise have no interest in watching a show and throws them right into it. In terms of acting, we have some CW-level ridiculousness in terms of casting 25-year-olds who look like 27-year-olds to play 16-year-olds.
Pretty Little Liars can work outside of its demo on the level of ridiculous plot devoid of internal logic, but not really on any other level. If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. Rosewood, Pennsylvania is a fictional town in the book and TV series in Pretty Little Liars. It is clear from "The New Normal" and specifically Spencer's phone conversation with Aria that Spencer's house is fairly close to Aria's house and not Ezra's Apartment, because when Spencer hears a fire siren outside her window, she wants to know why she cannot hear it on Aria's end as well, figuring out that she is at Ezra's. Spencer and Jason are also neighbors (on Bridgewater Terrace), as Spencer walks next door to the DiLaurentis House to give Jason cookies, welcoming him back to Rosewood.
The PLL's reveal in "Never Letting Go" that "The Kissing Rock" is two miles away from Alison DiLaurentis' house (which means it is also two miles away from Spencer's house).
Aria and Hanna live across the street from each other, as mentioned in "The Perfect Storm." So Hanna, Aria and Spencer live in the same block. Garrett's parents live across the street from the Cavanaugh house (and catty-corner from Emily's house, also on Serenity Lane). From "A's" locker message to Hanna, it is clear that "Lucky Leon's Cupcakes" is on Main Street in Rosewood.
While the TV show tends to play down the social class of the residents, the books make it clear that Rosewood is an extremely wealthy town. Though it is strongly leaning towards the rural end, Rosewood appears to be a fairly large town. In the novels, Spencer Hastings, Alison DiLaurentis, Toby and Jenna Cavanaugh, and Mona Vanderwaal live on the same street. Emily's house is located in a "modest" middle-class neighborhood with old (but not decrepit) homes. Ian Thomas only lived one block away from Ali and Spencer's neighborhood; the woods border his neighborhood as well.
Noel Kahn's family appears to be one of the wealthiest, if not the wealthiest, families in Rosewood. Courtney and Spencer often went through the woods between their homes in the middle of the night to talk to each other.

Besides its public school, Rosewood has several private institutions as well, one of which is of course Rosewood Day. The set that is Rosewood was used for the WB series Gilmore Girls which lasted 7 seasons from 2000 until 2007. The aim is to assess how a show works for its target demographic and whether it has merit outside of it. Watching, let alone writing about Pretty Little Liars is definitely not something on my normal wish list for TV, but it’s increasingly common that people find pleasure in TV that was not geared toward them at all. For the most part, the central cast holds their own, but no one is turning in particularly fun work, except for Tammin Sursok as the group’s blind adversary Jenna. As a legitimate piece of television, it’s pretty stale without enough craziness to balance the cliched aspects of the production. Rosewood may be a small town, but it has its own daily newspaper associated with it: The Rosewood Observer.
In "Je Suis une Amie," Spencer watches Toby open his mailbox from the view in Emily's room window. As a Main Line town, it has a long history of prestige associated with the railroad industry of the 1800s. It has a shopping center called King James Mall and the girls all appear to live in very different sections of the suburb. The brunette also lives in a rich neighborhood and her home has a long, winding driveway that is difficult for others to navigate. They originally lived in a quirky yet artsy neighborhood in Old Hollis, then they later moved to a home which Aria describes as "a postmodern angry brown box with only one square window." Her family is also middle class. The small college appears to be known for the more creative fields such as literature and studio art. His stepmom regularly allows the local historical tour company to take tourists through her home, so she always makes a point to keep everything neat and picturesque. His family home is a red-brick mansion with a half-mile long driveway, a vast field, a horse farm, and a duck pond. By the book's description, the woods surrounding their neighborhood appear to be quite large. There's an elementary-middle school branch along with a separate school for secondary education. Wallpaper images in the Pretty Little Liars TV Show club tagged: pretty little liars wallpaper.

Wallpaper images in the Pretty Little Liars TV Show club tagged: pretty little liars season 1 icon pretty livejournal liars little.
Wallpaper images in the Pretty Little Liars TV Show club tagged: pretty little liars wallpapers. The landscape of television may be leaning toward more, if not all, niche programming in the future.
Rosewood is located in Pennsylvania, approximately 20 miles outside Philadelphia, is also not far from Rosewood, the two cities Brookhaven and Ravenswood. The majority of the residents are in the upper class and many families, such as the Hastings, have had significant wealth dating back to the 1800s.
It has everything from farms, picturesque cornfields, and pastures to barns converted into apartments and other types of buildings.
The Hastings' vast stone estate is on one side of the mansion while the Cavanaughs' home is on the other.
Aria notes that "near the college there was a series of rambling, cobblestone streets lined with falling-to-pieces Victorian houses" painted in bright colors like purple and pink. It is situated on a very hilly terrain and contains an old well that Courtney loved to visit. The high school appears to be very close to the middle school since the prologue of Wicked described the large gathering of younger and older students discussing the announcement of the Time Capsule Flag.
So much so that if someone who didn’t speak a word of English watched this show, they would think it was about rich people looking very, very scared of their text messages. She also notes that these houses are often split into apartments and rented out to Hollis students. Perhaps to the 13-year-olds ABC Family is trying to hook, these are offences of the highest degree, but as a good-girls-do-bad soap, the show doesn’t bring a lot to the table.
There's also a few shabby bars around, where it's not too difficult for a minor to get into. Emily's backyard is bordered by the woods, Spencer and Ali's neighborhood is essentially surrounded by a small forest, and the Kahns' vast property is also bordered by a forest.

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