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The Natural Stress Relief technique can be learned at home for US$25: instant download (text file + audio file).
Warning: you will not receive personal training on NSR, so you need to rely on your own discipline to learn the technique. The Maharishi Foundation demands that we display in our web materials the following disclaimer.

We agree to do so as a courtesy, even though the content of such disclaimer, in our opinion, is obvious and superfluous. Should you wish to receive such TM® program instruction, you must contact an authorized TM® program center.
Our organization is not affiliated with the sponsors of that website and we are not authorized to teach the TM® or Transcendental Meditation® program or any other programs founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi".

Deepak Chopra created the Primordial Sound® meditation, that is similar to Maharishi's TM.

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