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Come and experience yourself as light in this live channeling from our Arcturian star-family as we learn cosmic oneness with All-That-Is. In this meditation, you are invited to come and remember your higher expression, remember that you are a beautiful dimensional being, remember that within your high heart is who you truly are (and who you have always been), and find within this light - your pathway home, the frequency of unconditional love, the sacred tone in which you are returning home.
So much can be said about the power of meditation and its many benefits for the body and mind, but its the capacity of meditation to access the spirit and the real nature of existence that really makes it a life changing and experience altering tool, it allows a being to access greater and greater levels of existence that seemed invisible to the conditioned mind beforehand. Through meditation you are able to create a gap between your essential reality and the processes of the body and the mind, like thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions. Meditation allows you to see what is ultimately not you and to place awareness on awareness itself for self realization and liberation of the mind. Each of the 4 Meditation practices are designed to lead you step by step to the next and take you to a deeper level of existence and progression as you develop. It is suggested that the sessions are best off being non-consecutive to enable you to work with each individual Meditation practice for a certain duration to get the maximum benefits of each Meditation and prepare you for the next.
Throughout the period of months whilst working with the Meditation practices, i will be at hand for you to message me at any time outside of the one to one sessions for any help or assistance you need, i will be a mentor by your side guiding you through each technique or issue that arises.

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Arabian Sea THIS Summer, together with great vegetarian food cooked by Satchi and Devi themselves.
These are professionally designed devices used in private homes and by medical professionals.
In this experience, you will tune into the pool of unconditional love and learn to accept it, allow it, and embrace it from the higher dimensions - into your energy systems and merging with your physical form.
Imagine evolving this planet into a city of light, one with divine creation, and is host to teachers of other less developed, third dimensional civilizations. These powerful meditations are only 30 minutes in length and always open to community participation.
Meditation is the Key to aligning and discovering the true power of the mind, body and spirit.

Meditation is a way of legitimately giving oneself permission to sit and access the true nature of existence.
He has worked with clients from around the world and hosted a range of Spiritual Retreats across the Globe.
Each practice builds upon the next to take you toward ultimate freedom and self realization. Maybe you want to become more intelligent and expand your consciousness, or feel more awake and alive. Meet the challenges and victories of your own spiritual journey in the company of friends who support your inner growth and highest aspirations.

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