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The Growth stage is the second of stages in the product life cycle, and for many manufacturers this is the key stage for establishing a product’s position in a market, increasing sales, and improving profit margins. Increasing Competition: When a company is the first one to introduce a product into the market, they have the benefit of little or no competition.
Lower Prices: During the Introduction stage, companies can very often charge early adopters a premium price for a new product. Different Marketing Approach: Marketing campaigns during the Introduction stage tend to benefit from all the buzz and hype that surrounds the launch of a new product. Costs are Reduced: With new product development and marketing, the Introduction stage is usually the most costly phase of a product’s life cycle. Greater Consumer Awareness: During the Growth phase more and more consumers will become aware of the new product. Increase in Profits: With lower costs and a significant increase in sales, most manufacturers will see an increase in profits during the Growth stage, both in terms of the overall amount of profit they make and the profit margin on each product they sell. The standard Product Life Cycle Curve typically shows that profits are at their highest during the Growth stage. The Stages ExplainedProduct Life Cycle StagesAs consumers, we buy millions of products every year. Developing ProductsNew Product Development StagesBefore a product can embark on its journey through the four product life cycle stages, it has to be developed. Real Life ExamplesProduct Life Cycle ExamplesMost consumers probably aren't aware of the product life cycle stages. What is the product life cycle?The product life cycle is an important concept in marketing.
Extending the Product Life CycleWhat can businesses do to extend the product life cycle?Extension strategies extend the life of the product before it goes into decline.

If you would like to learn more about the product life cycle then have a look at out key topic video!
Jim RileyBefore founding tutor2u with twin brother Geoff, Jim was a director at Thomson Travel Group Plc and a Corporate Finance and Strategy specialist at PwC.
Comprehensive series of teaching & learning resources to support the teaching of AQA & Edexcel A Level and AS Business. Their hardware choices are deliberate, for multiple reasons (whether you and I agree with them or not).
Kinda sad that 90% of the people in this thread are being completely dismissive of the article and thus proving one of its points. Dude you're like the guy who laughed at the guy who yelled 'the titanic is sinking!' Sales numbers back my argument.
Nomally I love threads where Nintendo is eviscerated just for the entertainment value and the deluded defenders, but this is a horrible article. This is achieved by the continued development of consumer demand through the use of marketing and promotional activity, combined with the reduction of manufacturing costs. However, when the demand for their product starts to increase, and the company moves into the Growth phase of the product life cycle, they are likely to face increased competition as new manufacturers look to benefit from a new, developing market. However, in response to the growing number of competitors that are likely to enter the market during the Growth phase, manufacturers may have to lower their prices in order to achieve the desired increase in sales. But once the product becomes established and is no longer ‘new’, a more sophisticated marketing approach is likely to be needed in order to make the most of the growth potential of this phase. In contrast, the Growth stage can be the most profitable part of the whole cycle for a manufacturer. This means that the size of the market will start to increase and there will be a greater demand for the product; all of which leads to the relatively sharp increase in sales that is characteristic of the Growth stage.

But in order to try and ensure that a product has as long a life as possible, it is often necessary for manufacturers to reinvest some of those profits in marketing and promotional activity during this stage, to help guarantee continued growth and reduce the threat from the competition.
It describes the stages a product goes through from when it was first thought of until it finally is removed from the market. Nintendo is doing poorly this gen, and there is real threat they might leave the game industry to pursue QOL.
No doubting the quality of Wii U games but it's just not viable as a main console, and that's OK.
The tone of it is indeed poor (on purpose) but it makes some valid points all of which have been pointed out on this forum a thousand times over.
For those of you who didn't bother to read past the first paragraph, or even the thread title, this is about how their strategies set up the Wii U for failure. The Wii U's incredibly rough start that caused them to rethink their entire plans for the generation, the amount of money they lost in their first years, and their poor level of success compared to the Wii, is objective. How soon a product moves from the Introduction stage to the Growth stage, and how rapidly sales increase, can vary quite a lot from one market to another. As production increases to meet demand, manufacturers are able to reduce their costs through economies of scale, and established routes to market will also become a lot more efficient. Honestly I blame the cheerleaders for creating this false sense of success for Nintendo when everyone should have been criticizing them for making terrible hardware nobody wants.
This article observes the previous generation and tries to figure out why all of this happened and what decisions they made to cause this.

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