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As we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily teaching duties, we can’t let professional growth slip through the cracks, and professional development needs to go beyond the occasional workshop. At my school, we when interview prospective teachers we ask them to tell us about a book they have read recently to further their professional growth. Your professional resume should include membership in at least one professional organization. Receive new blog posts right to your inbox once a week, along with occasional newsletters with special offers and freebies! Like I mentioned, both my internships have prepared me for the real world by making me more professional.
403b investment vendors authorized: Educators Financial Services, Inc, ESI, and Ameriprise.
Tim Schatz was approved as New City Schoola€™s general insurance agent for health, dental, and life insurance (health benefits). Renewal of Section 125 Premium Only Plan (a€?Flex Plana€?) in which employees can pay with pre-tax dollars for out of pocket health expenses not covered by insurance. Principal Kundan is investigating other norm-referenced tests with the hope of replacing the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) which we currently administer every fall. Currently we are keeping the front door only unlocked and position staff at the doors during arrival and dismissal. With the help of a 5-year 21st Century grant, New City School is able to take advantage of a program for junior high school students through the metro area.
At the cost of $3000 per year, New City School will again become a member of the association that supports charter schools. The Board officially acknowledged the consistently high quality work done by our staff at New City School. New City Schoola€™s audit for the year 2011-2012 was the first of all charter schools in Minnesota to be completed and submitted to the state. Motion: Vince Esades made the motion that the Board accept the 2011-2012 audit as presented. A motion was made by Vince Esades to approve the updated budget, and seconded by Gary Crawford.
A motion to approve the expenditures was made by Gary Crawford, seconded by Vince Esades, and unanimously approved. A motion to approve was made by Sharon Greaves, seconded by Karla Bisco, and unanimously approved. Ven Anderson, a teacher at New City School, was nominated by Karla Bisco to take the vacated position of Joan Fehlen who has retired from the Board. Behavior management: Teachers work hard to know each student well, and do not discipline any one profile of students more than another. Testing: ITBS scores have been received and they show that all children have made progress.
Norm-referenced Testing: Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) results tend to be misleading, according to Principal Kundan, because the results conclude, for example, that some students are reading at a college level because college students who take the same material perform the same way (not that these students could read material written at a college level).
The balance of the loan from our line of credit at M & I Bank was paid off on July 16, 2012.
The surplus of $32,321 occurred because we did not have to hire another paraprofessional this year, grants and donations were higher than projected, and we saved about $5,000 on food costs by controlling for waste. A motion was made by Vince Esades to approve the 2013 Budget, seconded by Gary Crawford, and unanimously approved.
New City School received this award from the Department of Education for responsible fiscal management.
Motion for approval made by Vince Esades, seconded by Gary Crawford, and unanimously approved. Retirement: Board graciously thanks Joan Fehlen for her unwavering support, service and donations of time, talent and efforts to New City Board over the last 10 years. Testing: The Woodcock-Johnson and Iowa tests will again be given at the end of September or early October so that the results can be used by New City School staff to determine what areas to focus on for individual students.

Goals: The Title I Goals to meet Annual Yearly Progress this year are that 75% of students must be proficient in reading and 65% of students will be proficient in math. There was a motion by Vince Esades to accept the total of $48,693.64 in donations for the previous year. A motion was made by Vince Esades and seconded by Gary Crawford to approve the contract for Karla Bisco. A motion was made by Vince Esades and seconded by Karla Bisco to approve the contract of Jitendrapal Kundan: Principal. At 8:15 pm a motion to adjourn was made by Gary Crawford, seconded by Karla Bisco, and unanimously approved. The Flipped Blog will share the processes and ideas about two initiatives from the Stillwater School District, Stillwater, Minnesota, USA. In the first two years of Flipped PD, some schools used an all-school model while others used a voluntary model. A skill inventory form is used by each teacher to self assess their relative comfort with different technologies in the various strand categories of communication, collaboration, presentation, and creative media. Maintaining an online staff portfolio, while not a requirement, is an option many participating teachers will employ.
I challenge you to reflect on your professional growth and set personal professional development goals, and I offer these three suggestions to include in your plan.
We are not restricted to participating in learning communities only within the walls of our campus or even our district. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is the largest mathematics education organization in the world.
She helped me with my interviewing skills and made sure I was on college central network and my resume was up to date.
5 of the Investment Policy, signifying that investment activity would now be reported to the Board on a quarterly basis, at the time that the Board meets, rather than monthly. NCS is currently using a variety of strategies required by the Q-Comp program to improve professional effectiveness, so we have decided to apply for this funding program.
We will have work done so that the outside doors will immediately shut when triggered in case of an emergency. The money goes to the parks and Principal Kundan and East Side Neighborhood Services collaborate to participate in the program. We can post any open positions with MACS and can also take advantage of cooperative purchasing and marketing.
They work hard and intelligently to support our studentsa€™ academic and social growth, and make decisions in the best interest of the entire school. A motion was made to elect Ven to the Board by Gary Crawford, seconded by Vince Esades, and unanimously approved.
Principal Kundan suggested that we switch from using the ITBS (a multiple choice test) to a test that is more like the MCAa€™s and gives us a clearer idea of the proficiency level of each test-taker.
New City will be distributing flyers and holding Open Houses as we have done in past years to recruit students for this and next year. The At the January meeting the Board will address the alternatives of finding space for the middle school or for the entire school. We will keep the line of credit at the same amount ($225,000) for another year because the state is expected to continue to withhold approximately 36 % of our state revenue until July again next year.
At the time of this meeting, the enrollment is 144, and our budget will balance with 134 students.
This worked well last year in that New City School students made Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) in all categories measured by the state. This template will include a photo of themselves, information relevant to their teaching assignment, links to essential resources, and a place where they can write summaries of their professional progress, questions, and goals. The data from this self-assessment will be used by each teacher to help make decisions about setting priorities for their professional development.
A link to a staff portfolio template is included in each teacher's Individual Learning Plan.

They host regional and national conferences, provide online teaching resources, and publish books and journals. We are also planning to install a buzzer system to admit people so that we can keep the doors locked at all times. MACS also lobbies for the interests of Minnesotaa€™s charter schools at the State Legislature. We have a staff that shows its commitment to young people in everything they do, and we are grateful. The only weakness in internal controls is that our auditor also does our financial report for the year. Teachers use an online sign up form to indicate their interest in participating in Flipped PD and provide their preferences for dates and times. The same inventory taken a year or two later will provide valuable baseline data for teachers to monitor their development over time. For those who choose to use the staff portfolio, a collection of relevant materials can include a statement of philosophy, examples of student work, videos of the teacher in action (with a narrative audio overlay), examples of resources created by the teacher, links to professional growth documents, observations by peers or administrators, and professional learning networks. Candidates who stammer to produce the name of one book they have recently read to improve their craft.
Membership includes a subscription to one journal, and you can choose from several journals to meet your needs (elementary, middle school, etc.).
Funds from this state program, when granted, would help defer the cost of any teacher salary increases. During the program students can participate in 8-10 different homework catch-up activities. Principal Kundan will, as always, watch both enrollment numbers and expenditures very carefully to provide a high quality education for our students and protect our financial security.
Some teachers prefer their two-hour session to be during the school day while others prefer using the before and after school option. Over time the coach will make contributions to this same document, usually in the form of links to instructional videos and other resources the teacher needs to complete projects and other goals. This portfolio has practical value in work related to Flipped PD, teacher evaluation, and instructional coaching.
Every cash receipt must not only be recorded, but a paper copy must be made of both the check, if it is paid by check, and the receipt given to the person paying. Current Fund Balance is $241,989, so the school is financially stable, as it has been every year since its opening. Flipped PD originally organized sessions in groups of three teachers with one coach in two-hour sessions. Our instructional techniques should change as we reflect on their effectiveness and acquire new ideas about best practices. Three substitute teachers rotated every two hours to enable three classroom teachers to meet with a technology integration specialist. Any day of the week, you can participate in a Twitter chat, discussing a wide range of topics. If you choose to join, please note that I referred you by using my name (Donna Boucher) and Member ID (3102769). The New City School Fund Balance has been increasing over time and is now 15.6% of expenditures, an amount that complies with state guidelines for school fund balances. Although this format was an improvement over traditional professional development sessions where one leader guides a room full of teachers, additional measures for enhancing a personalized experience was needed.

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