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I tried placing the gold in different locations within the pyramid in the centre like a heart, at the bottom on the outsides as a coating using a laminating resin but the best by far was when I place the gold at the tip of the pyramid. Each unit is self-clearing and will never cease to work as I have added specific crystals such as Clear Quartz, Lemurian Crystals, Herkimer Diamonds, Kyanite & Selenite. Cosmic Ordering, Law Of Attraction, Visualisation or Manifestation are all very similar lost and forgotten ancient techniques that give you the power to shape your own destiny, using this device and following my very simple, yet extremely powerful guide you will be able to obtain what was previously unobtainable in your previous mind set with my Photon Orgone device and guide. We do not accept responsibility or liability for any product that we sell, we do not claim that our items are designed to treat or cure illnesses and my products are for experimental purposes only.

Our search engine is sad too when it tries to fetch images that have been recently removed.
As the great Giza pyramid had once a gold tip it seems to activate the Orgone pyramid, stimulating the whole device and Crystals within allowing this function exceptionally well. I am far from being a new age type of person but at the same time I am open minded and fairly intuitive. We recommend that you consult your doctor or health care professional before using any of our items.

I will teach you how to make a meditation space to unlock the natural powers of the cosmos by giving you another orgone guide giving you strategic locations to place orgonites to create a protective field. After receiving my first piece of orgonite from this site I immediately felt it have a positive effect.

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