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10 Comics You Must Read Before You See the Deadpool MovieSome favourites and essentials to introduce you to the Merc with a Mouth. The Deadpool movie is just around the corner, and with positive reviews hitting the stands it seems like everyone has come down with a case of Wade Wilson fever, which would probably be diagnosed by the man himself dressed in a wacky nurses costume or something.
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When a NORAD base full of Super-Skrulls captures the Merc with a Mouth, he'll need every ability he possesses to get free: his fighting skills, his healing factor, his sense of humor and, most of all, his madness!
Anyway, if you only know Deadpool from the compilation videos of cosplayers strutting around in bodysuits at conventions, or if you've just seen the movie and you want to get more into Deadpool, then here are some comics you might want to check out. The Merc with a Mouth occasionally goes on little adventures (I like to think of them as side quests) with other bods on the Marvel roster, although the term 'butts heads with' may be more accurate in some cases.
Clint Barton (and Kate Barton, the other Hawkeye) end up working with Deadpool on a case of espionage and intrigue and explosions and car chases and – anyway, it's really good, especially the bit where Deadpool turns up having made a surprise costume change. It also shows some of Wade's more considerate side, as he spends the whole wacky escapade with his mask half off so the deaf Barton can lip read him properly.
Hawkeye, by the way, is probably my favourite Avenger, and the most underrated; I would happily write an entire article on why you should read Hawkeye.

If you don't get on with Deadpool's Art of War then you probably won't get on with Deadpool.
Like all adaptations the film is going to be different, but hopefully there will be some common threads for you to grasp onto here that'll make the story feel familiar as you read it, and it'll give you a good insight into Deadpool, the man, the myth, the legend. 1: Secret InvasionSecret Invasion is the first Deadpool run I ever read and is kind of a weird place to start, being, as it is, in the middle of a Marvel story event, but luckily if you like Deadpool as a character he works well with only the barest hint of context. It's actually a great comic, with plenty of colourful ultra–violence and wonderful set piece fights against angry aliens, and the context of an invasion of shape shifting enemies plays well with Deadpool's often ambiguous motives.
Lots of plots and betrayal and spies and secret identities and so on.Prelude to Deadpool Corps and Deadpool CorpsDeadpool Corps (and the Prelude) is a nice mix of the writers using the classic 'Marvel has loads of alternate universes' trope and the 'we can do extra stupid shit with Deadpool because he's Deadpool' trope. He collects them from alternate timelines and realities, including Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Dogpool, and Headpool (who is a disembodied zombie head, and is fond of directly having a go at the Marvel team for writing him that way).This motley crew then go about saving the world, and have inspired many a cosplay since,.
That's basically what Deadpool usually is (apart from all the emotional stuff with his daughter and relationships and so on, but that's something for you to discover on your own). Deadpool Corps have a couple of other spin off mini–runs, and Dogpool is really cute in his little outfit, so this one gets the stamp of approval. Plus it's nicely drawn, and there are good references to zombie films of history that you know and love.

If you enjoy it you can also check out the sequel that it spawned: Return of the Living Deadpool. It's probably the comic that takes his trademark meta–ness, and all that fourth wall breaking, to the darkest place it could go, as Deadpool methodically slaughters all your favourite Marvel superheroes in creative ways, but with an attitude that at times is strangely grim. He then skips out of the Marvel Universe and begins murdering famous literary characters from history in an effort to stop Marvel Comics ever being created, before finally entering a showdown with himself. Deadpool Kills Deadpool in particular features a lot of Deadpools.These are on Unlimited, despite the aforementioned merciless slaughter, and you can get them on Comixology.
It's a good intro to some great flavours of Deadpool, without getting heavily into Marvel lore.
Harley even spends the entirety of the first issue breaking the fourth wall and trying out different art styles until she finds the one she likes the best.
Her adventures are madcap, violent, but also touching, and she's growing as a person after getting out of an abusive relationship.Also she has a taxidermy beaver that talks to her, if you're not one for serious issues.

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