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Mothermouth, and the Moonstone, are left behind when the Clans leave the forest in Dawn, and replaced with the Moonpool in the Lake territories, which was discovered by Leafpool when she was an apprentice and previously used by the ancient version of the Tribe of Rushing Water, in which Rock was a leader. Soon she saw a large hole in the ground,[24] and because of her free-spirited nature, decided to climb down it. As he's on ThunderClan territory, he sees the moors and distant cliffs, and wonders if those are Highstones.
Cedarpelt, Brightsky, and Owlfur really take Crookedpaw, Graypaw, and Willowpaw to the Moonstone this time.
After a Gathering, Firestar asks if he can travel with WindClan, as he wants to go to Highstones to ask StarClan about the strange cat in his dreams. Bluestar and Tigerclaw take Firepaw, Graypaw, and Ravenpaw to Mothermouth, and it is mentioned that if Bluestar wants to share tongues with StarClan, she cannot eat during the journey. In Dawn, when the cats stand on the Highstones, they see the sign of the dying warrior, which was a shooting star running through the night sky and disappearing behind the mountains. As seen in Warrior's Refuge, when Millie and Graystripe spot them, thinking they are close to the territories, but even after walking for days, they still do not reach their destination. Bluefur was not taken to Highstones by Pinestar when she was an apprentice because Pinestar had been busy, and had neglected to take her to the Moonstone, so she was taken when she became a warrior instead. I think she's better off staying in Windclan, and not having any confusion in her life like Bluestar or Leafpool. They are the tall jagged peaks surrounding Mothermouth,[1] the large cave opening leading to the Moonstone. The air inside is stale, with a tang of dust and stone.[7] Mothermouth also has two tunnels, one to the Moonstone, and the other that goes somewhere deep into the earth. When Wind led a patrol to ShadowClan's side, Mothflight saw a blue feather floating in the breeze. She ended up at a large glittering rock, now called the Moonstone,[24] and instinct told her to press her nose to it.

He's heard elders talk about the jagged rocky peaks, and he knows he has to go there eventually. As the apprentices are getting herbs, Brambleberry tells them about the journey and the dark stones of Highstones. Moonflower purrs, and says she hasn't seen everything yet, as there are lands beyond the Territories, such as Highstones and Mothermouth.
Bluefur knows they'll have to cross WindClan territory to reach Mothermouth, the cave containing it. When it's time for Bluestar to go inside of the Mothermouth, to the Moonstone, she asks Firepaw and Tigerclaw to go in with her.
He says that he will travel to Mothermouth to receive his new nine lives and his leader name to be the official leader of ShadowClan after  Brokenstar was driven out. According to Midnight, she had never been to the Moonstone before she and the five other journeying cats left, as confirmed by Brambleclaw when he sees how nervous she is travelling through WindClan territory. Cats must find their way through a tunnel by using their whiskers to feel the edges of it,[7] or by following the scent trail of the cat ahead of them.
He thinks that he has to go through WindClan territory, and after that Highstones should be easy to find, for it is much bigger than Sunningrocks. On the journey, Crookedpaw sees that the wide valley between the moors and Highstones are filled with newleaf growth.
As they head on the journey, Bluefur sees a cliff of tall, jagged peaks, and asks if those are Highstones.
As Firestar enters Mothermouth to talk to StarClan about the mysterious cat haunting his dreams, he feels fear gripping his belly as he steps into the hungry shadows.
Tigerclaw ends up leaving, because he was afraid of the power of the Moonstone, but Firepaw stays. The tunnels of the Mothermouth are very rocky and may cut the pads of a cat if they have gone down the wrong tunnel.

Gorsefur saw and risked his life by pushing her away from the monster.[23] Angrily, Wind demands to know what exactly she was doing.
Finally, the cats get there, Highstones rearing above them and the sun melting on its peaks. Bluestar says that Tigerclaw is a strong warrior on the outside, but softhearted on the inside. The young apprentice says it was creepy near the Mothermouth, and Graypaw half-heartedly agrees.
They also told her that at the next half moon, she should bring three of their chosen cats to become the first medicine cats. The apprentices comment that they're hungry, but Brightsky comments that there's no fish or birds here. However, after learning the truth about the fifth Clan, Firestar walks away wearily from Highstones, contemplating what he should do. Even more furious now, Wind banished her from WindClan, and Mothflight kept walking in the direction of the feather.
However, Willowpaw catches a rabbit and they soon go in to Mothermouth to speak to StarClan. They get there, and Bluefur stares up the slope, staring at the hope gaped in the hillside.

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