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Welcome to my blog all about Applied Behavior Analysis!This blog is about my experiences, thoughts, and opinions on ABA. The Wurgel family (a Caucasian family, pictured immediately above)swaps races with the Sparks family (an African-American family, pictured up top) on FX's new series Black.
Singer-songwriter KT Tunstall has Chinese heritage, was raised in Scotland, went double platinum in the U.K.
Dressed in Lanvin, Portman hugged Susan Sarandon, her co-star in 1999's Anywhere But Here, on the red carpet and gamely answered questions about the locks she shaved off to play Evey in Vendetta, which opens Friday.
Fans of the Broadway musical and film version of Rent, look no further!  Guest star Adam Pascal will be reuniting with his co-star in the feature film production of Rent, series star Tracie Thoms. The obvious answer: “Recognizing employees.” Now for the trick question – is recognizing your employees enough? That sounds odd, indeed, coming from a person committed to helping companies implement truly strategic employee recognition programs.
Adding the element of “valuing” to every recognition you give to an employee – indeed, requiring that “value statement” in every recognition – is what can make your program strategic. The average employee doesn’t know how to properly recognize their colleagues, much less value them.

Derek Irvine (115 Posts)As Globoforce’s Vice President of Client Strategy and Consulting, Derek is a seasoned, internationally minded management professional with over 20 years of experience working across a diverse range of industries. While previously working with top-five management consultancy firm PA Consulting Group, he advised clients in corporate strategy, organizational behavior, marketing and corporate communications. Derek blogs daily on the powerful impact of strategic recognition on employee engagement, talent management, and performance at Recognize This! Read this best selling guide to implementing strategic recognition as a sound management method that moves employee recognition from anecdotal morale-booster to data-driven business discipline.
These questions were asked of the contestants -- What did Natalie major in at Harvard?  Psychology.What city was Natalie born in? In the film, her character joins forces with terrorist V and goes about toppling a corrupt totalitarian British regime. But this difference in “recognizing” and “valuing” is one of the things that sets strategic recognition apart from the much more common tactical programs.
During his career he has lived in many countries including Spain, France, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, UK and the USA.
Derek has also worked in consumer marketing for many years, working on the world-class brands of Johnson & Johnson and Jameson.

In his role as a thought leader at Globoforce, Derek helps clients set a higher ambition for global strategic employee recognition, leading consultative workshops and strategy setting meetings with such global organizations as Avnet, P&G, Dow Chemical, Intel, Intuit, KPMG and Thomson Reuters. Derek holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Master of International Business Studies degree from University College Dublin. Through the transformative power of make-up, the Wurgel family (Carmen Wurgel, her daughter Rose Bloomfield, and Carmen's longtime boyfriend Bruno Marcotulli) become black, and the Sparks family (Brian, Renee and Nick) become white.
An authority on the topics of employee engagement and recognition, he has been a guest speaker at worldwide industry and professional group conferences. The two families shared a home in Tarzana, California for the duration of the six-week production, which wrapped last summer. Cameras followed each family member as they went about their daily routines throughout Southern California.Did anyone else catch the premiere of Black. V for Vendetta opens in theaters and IMAX nationwide this Friday, March 17.  More pictures in the gallery!

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