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Costa Rica truly is one of the most beautiful places on earth, but check out Nicaragua and Panama as well. Establishing residency in Costa Rica can be an expensive and timely proposition (unless you marry a Tica!) So don't worry about residency just yet -- the country will grant you a 90 day tourist visa, so all you have to do is leave the country for a few days -- or a few hours -- after that (called the Border Shuffle), and come right back in on a new visa.
I recommend visiting for prolonged periods of time, first, to get to know the country, the different towns, the people, and the culture, before you commit to it. Of course every situation is different -- if you have a million dollars you certainly won't have the same concerns as someone with no savings who needs to get established and start working immediately.
Whether it's an oceanfront beach, a sparkling lake or a tranquil mountain, these spots will leave you feeling totally refreshed.
Follow Christopher Collins as he chronicles his week-long trip to the breath-taking waters of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
In Isla Mujeres, sailfishing is no doubt the name of the game, but the days usually end early.
Deep Breathing Meditation – With its focus on full, cleansing breaths, deep breathing is a simple, yet powerful, relaxation technique.
Exhale through your mouth, pushing out as much air as you can while contracting your abdominal muscles. Self-Massage – By massaging certain parts of your body, you can relax the muscles and help yourself eliminate a great deal of distress that you normally have.
Yoga Exercises – Yoga is a type of stretching and low-impact exercise which helps to relax the muscles in your body. Foods high in selenium aid in lowering anxiety and depression, and include nuts (especially brazil nuts), shiitake mushrooms, and tuna, cod, or salmon.
Look for foods with high tryptophan content, as this helps produce the chemical serotonin which increases happiness.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Progressive muscle relaxation involves a two-step process in which you systematically tense and relax different muscle groups in the body. It may take some practice at first, but try not to tense muscles other than those intended. Friday (August 15) is National Relaxation Day; in honor of that joyous occasion, here are 15 stunning spots you should visit to recharge and detox from everyday life.
Many Florida Sportsman members know Chris from his posts as NoSlack on the Florida Sportsman forums or may have seen his name pop up in the magazine. But did you know that being overly stressed at work can lead to memory problems, a lack of concentration, sleep loss and even illness? It’s easy to learn, can be practiced almost anywhere, and provides a quick way to get your stress levels in check. The hand on your stomach should move in as you exhale, but your other hand should move very little.
Because you must focus on each yoga pose, your mind is left no room to contemplate stressors and is forced into a state of peace.
Through Progressive muscle relaxation, you become familiar with what tension—as well as complete relaxation—feels like in different parts of the body. Focus on the tension flowing away and the way your foot feels as it becomes limp and loose. The journey starts on February 14 and lasts until February 20, when he flies home to Southeast Florida.
That is why it is so important for you take time, both at work and at home, to relax and re-energize your body and mind. The key to deep breathing is to breathe deeply from the abdomen, getting as much fresh air as possible in your lungs.

In order to do this, you can spread your fingers over your scalp and put your thumbs behind your ears. This helps you spot and counteract the first signs of the muscular tension that accompanies stress. Not to mention that, we also chartered a local panga style boat to take us out snorkeling for the remainder of the evening. In order to help you take some of the stress out of your work day, here are 5 relaxation techniques you can practice while on break or at lunch. When you take deep breaths from the abdomen, rather than shallow breaths from your upper chest, you inhale more oxygen.
This will allow you to massage your sinus cavity and you will most likely feel better after a few repetitions.
Our devices have been proven to stand in the way of our relaxation (and really, it's no surprise -- who hasn't been tempted to check their emails while off duty?). Talk about a beautiful place, when your out on the rig everyday fishing is is hard to take in the full effects of the atmosphere.
You can combine deep breathing with progressive muscle relaxation for an additional level of stress relief.
Try practicing this for five minutes to start, and increase or decrease the time as you need.
This exercise can take as much time as you have to devote to it, but it is recommended you devote at least 15 minutes to it.

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