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Visualisation– This means using your imagination to help you focus on something you find peaceful. Progressive Muscle Relaxation– Some people find it difficult to realise when their muscles are tense. This page was posted in Looking after your own health and wellbeing and tagged Deep breathing technique, Progressive muscle relaxation, Relaxation, Visualisation. This CD is comprised of a breathing technique and uses a phrase to release any negativity, tension and stress.
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Once you have mastered the deep breathing technique you can add visualisation for deeper relaxation. This technique can help you by focusing on what the muscle groups feel like when extra tense and then extra relaxed. Start with the deep breathing exercise as before and once your breathing has slowed down and you feel comfortable, close your eyes and think of a place special to you.
Start in the same way with the deep breathing technique until your breathing rate is slow and controlled. This may be a beach, at a picturesque view, in woodland, in a garden or beside a log fire, it’s your choice. Starting at your feet tense your foot muscles- hold the tension for a silent count of ten and then release the tension. As your body relaxes, I guide you step by step to  releasing any tension that is left within you. With the beautiful original composition of relaxing music in the background and my voice guiding you, it becomes a surreal experience. Once you have been in a relaxed state for 10 to 20 minutes, slowly open your eyes and stretch your muscles.

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