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Yoga for Living with Cancer Whether you're a longtime cancer survivor or currently in treatment, this yoga class is a great way to live in your body more comfortably when you have been diagnosed with cancer. Explore the power of the mind-body connection and put it into action to immediately enhance health in body, mind and spirit.
Find out the remarkable benefits from serious studies to amazing stories.  Put it to the test and see for yourself. Maximize your energy and health by finally getting the practical formula you need for managing stress using guided relaxation, imagery, yoga meditation, and sensible lifestyle changes as your tools.
I’ve done lots of retreats that utilize and combine various aspects of mandala, labyrinth, chakras, salutation to the moon, and the feminine. Of most importance, I’ve taught yoga since 1977 in a variety of settings with a wide range of students.
Click here for my latest book & free audio download of the 3 main yoga nidra exercises! This is a great chance to experience the powerful and effective combination of mind-body relaxation and breathing to prepare for a deep and relaxing meditation experience!
Mind-Body Meditation, relaxation and yoga are both wonderful practices in mind-body awareness, self-connection, pain, insomnia, stress management, breathing and emotional healing.

Classes are 1 Hour duration and include all equipment: yoga mats, blankets, props, weekly handouts, and use of essential oils. This class is suitable for anyone and includes great techniques to manage stress, nurturing skills for use during pregnancy and practices to induce a restful nights sleep. From relieving stress, improving your outlook, cultivating a kind and compassionate heart, to making friends with Spirit, the mind-body connection does it all – and more. This workshop reviews the dynamics of stress, provides experiences in a variety of proven, user-friendly relaxation methods including guided imagery, yoga nidra, and meditation. Information about the moon and its influences and how the moon’s energy figures into yoga philosophy and practice are shared. Based upon yoga’s wisdom teachings this session will take you inward through pranayama (breathing), yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and meditation and onward through guided imagery and journaling to help you unlock the purpose of your life journey and support you with the insight, steadiness, and courage needed to live your life authentically at home, work and at play.
Everything is effective, portable and easy and designed to be done in a chair right at the office or workstation. Be introduced to various styles and traditions for relaxation, breathing, stress management, pain management, healing, confidence, visualisation, self-esteem and affirmations. Unauthorised reproduction is prohibited under the laws of Australia and by international treaty.

You will leave feeling relaxed and energized, with a plan in hand for transforming everyday anxiety into awakened living.  Thousands are already using Julie’s guided imagery and meditation exercises in hospitals nationwide for increasing health. It’s a heart-centered way of being  fluid, nurturing, expressive, emotional, cyclical and changeable. Sequences are also taught to increase energy, improve creativity and to reduce frustration.  Julie is the author of Desktop Yoga ®.
I especially like designing programs around a theme and am always willing to consider suggestions. This is a fantastic opportunity to deepen your practice and connection to self, and reinforce your learning with regularity, greater insight and promotion of the relaxation response.

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