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When we experience stress the sympathetic nervous system (in the central nervous system) arouses and activates the stress response, more commonly known as “fight or flight” designed to protect us from danger – although in modern society the stress response is more likely to be responding to juggling our family responsibilities and work demands than it is from predatory animals! Regardless of the stressor the body kicks into action, and part of that involves increasing and sending more glucose into the bloodstream, ensuring a quick source of energy to mobilise the body to take action i.e.
So, when you are stressed your blood glucose levels rises, increasing the risk for gestational diabetes.
However, just as the body has the natural ability to arouse and prepare for action through the sympathetic nervous system, it also has a ‘recovery’ mechanism that calms this response and returns us (via the central nervous system) to balance, reducing the affects of stress – this is called the parasympathetic nervous system, or more commonly the Relaxation response.
The good news is this relaxation response can be deliberately activated, and in doing so gives us a host of benefits that combine stress control with health and wellbeing enhancement. The hormone Insulin has the role of getting glucose from the bloodstream into the muscles and other tissues so it can be used as energy.  During pregnancy insulin production needs to increase fourfold (Auckland district health board), and sometimes insulin resistance can occur – this is when the placenta hormones that nourish the baby block the normal action of insulin so the body can’t effectively use the insulin it’s making and therefore high levels of glucose remain in the blood.
So, in gestational diabetes, insulin resistance or the mothers body not making enough insulin leads to high glucose levels, which increase the risk of pregnancy complications (such as pre-eclampsia and pre-term birth), and the baby can become very large which impacts delivery (e.g. The current recommended practices in New Zealand for the treatment of Gestational Diabetes centre around exercise and nutrition.  However, international research around diabetes has proven that regular deep relaxation and stress management can also be very effective in treating diabetes.
In fact lead researcher and medical psychologist Richard Surwit, from Duke University Medical Centre, says that using deep relaxation alongside the standard educational care for diabetes can be as successful at reducing glucose levels as you would expect to see from some diabetes-control drugs. So together with the appropriate nutrition and exercise,  adding 20 minutes of deep relaxation into your daily routine can have a really positive impact, not only on your glucose levels but also by lowering blood pressure (high blood pressure can also lead to complications during pregnancy) .

Hypnosis, a safe and naturally occurring state, has been proven as an extremely effective method of producing deep relaxation in both the mind and body. You can get this deeply calming rest from hypnotic relaxation audios, or by seeing a Clinical Hypnotherapist who can help you manage and increase your capacity for coping with stress and set up instinctive responses that you can trigger whenever you want the mind and body relax instantly.  Birth Hypnosis addresses conscious and unconscious fears and anxieties about childbirth, as well as relaxation and pain control methods.
So just as you’re likely to be prioritising taking folic acid, getting adequate exercise and eating well, consider adding quality deep relaxation of the mind and body into your daily routine for self care and prevention of pregnancy and birth complications – maximising your chances for the best possible outcome for you and your baby. Except for the movement oriented activities, these techniques benefit from the following aspects to engage the parasympathetic nervous system which creates the relaxation response.
To get started it can be helpful to attend a mindfulness or meditation class or use a guided meditation tool.  Check your local resources or the numerous online tools available for purchase. Take advantage of the Automated Scheduling System to book your session conveniently and easily.
If you don't find a time that's working for you, contact Jamie directly at 262-389-5835 or via email.
Benson brought new awareness to this idea in the modern age, but engaging the parasympathetic nervous system to trigger a state of relaxation has been consciously used for thousands of years through yogic and meditation techniques. A calm environment with minimal distractions is a good place to start when you are learning.  As you develop a stronger neurological pathway between your technique and the relaxation response, you will be able to do it even in more stimulating and distracting circumstances.
When distracting thoughts occur, which inevitably they will, the idea is to disregard and redirect your attention back to the mental device focus.

Being comfortable in the physical body helps you fully relax and prevents further distractions from undue muscular tension.
Benson's relaxation response, meditation, relaxation response, stress relief, yogic techniques for stress. This can also be called allowing and letting go, being the neutral observer, or just noticing without attaching. This is why in yoga you often begin with the physical postures before seated meditation.  That said, it is not advised to practice these techniques while lying down as there is a tendency to fall asleep!
Usually the postures will be seated positions such as kneeling or sitting in a cross-legged position. If you are gazing at an object, you adopt what is called a soft gaze – looking at the object in a slightly glazed way without focusing fully. Following the breath with or without connecting a word or sound to the inhale or exhale is also used.

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