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To give you an idea, if the SOT>2*AVSOT, it takes the direction of the closing candle, and if the closing candle is down, the next candle will also be down. The beginning of the book covers the basic stitches - peyote including tubular,spiral rope, lacy (netting) and ndebele (herringbone stitches) .
There are some free tutorials which will enable you to preview what her book and beading style would be like.
The complexity she builds into her designs can be seen with her Herringbone Cluster earrings. I found their research a very interesting one which if you are good in coding, this might lead you to the holy grail, so to speak.

There is a 90% accuracy in this theory checking with the backtest which you can download the Speedometer test he made in Excel and cross check.
One of the 18 projects includes a lovely dagger bead bracelet inspired by real life nudibranchs or sea slugs - one of the ocean's most beautiful creatures. Basically, the idea is to use price, volume and the average speed of last 10-14 candles to be able to predict the direction of the next candle.
I test it myself and I had proven its accuracy when it comes to predicting the next candle to be . Als ze iémand meeneemt - om te drummen, om synthesizer te spelen, om te zingen - kan die echt iets.

Ze parkeert haar status in de garage, draagt een t-shirt dat gewoon niét is ontworpen, en gaat voor inhoud boven vorm. Eén song kreeg een dubversie, een tweede stem bracht de tent naar een kookpunt, er mocht bij momenten ook echt gefeest worden.Dit artikel volledig gratis lezen?

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