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I am such a fervent admirer of the poetry of Yeats that having read as much as I could of it, I attended a Yeats Summer School, wandered beneath Ben Bulben in Sligo and visited his tower in Gort.
Sometimes however, it may be better not to know too much about one’s heroes – and I confess that finished this book with mixed feelings as in fact neither of the two main protagonists sustains a very noble role throughout its telling. I was of course aware of the basic facts – Willie, a shy, impecunious young poet is hopelessly in love with the very beautiful Maud Gonne who fails to return his love and who, although British, devotes herself almost fanatically to the cause of Irish freedom.
At the very beginning of Her Secret Rose, Orna Ross issues a warning via her narrator ( more of her later) who says, “They were gods to us…That’s how they put themselves across…” And yes, I was aware that in most of the autobiographical material they published themselves they omitted or skirted round huge and important happenings. In writing this trilogy Orna Ross has done something very courageous in shining a light into corners of these lives and revealing things which have been kept in the shadows for years. She remains faithful to the facts while also providing some interesting psychological analyses: Maud’s close relationship with her father and Yeats’ relationship with his troubled mother and his siblings are shown to have repercussions later in their lives. With reference to the way the story is told, I felt the narrator, Rosie Cross, supposedly an Irish girl interested in the couple, who has put this story together, was somewhat redundant (although she may come into her own in the further volumes, this is the first of a trilogy) and the traditional omniscient narrator might have served the author better . The book is easy to read, absorbing and in the main, well written, although I did come across a few infelicitous expression which spoiled the atmosphere. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There was a phase when I was completely obsessed with Victoria’s Secret Body Mists and Perfumes. And, here I am with the review of Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Tease Scented Body Mist.
Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Tease Scented Body Mist comes with a very soothing fruity and floral fragrance.

I absolutely love this scent and I have been wearing this scent nearly every day for a month now. Also, if you get a chance to buy it from the VS store itself or their official website, i would suggest you buy the perfume instead of the mist because it will definitely last longer. I also collected books about him and his beloved Maud Gonne and when I lived in Dublin I even got a friend to take me to Roebuck House where she had lived and introduce me to her daughter-in-law.
This unrequited love coupled with their joint exploration of Irish folk and faery lore, results in some of his best poems and plays and fuels the Celtic Literary Revival in which he plays a key role. Maud herself in Servant of the Queen failed to mention her French lover Millevoye and claimed her illegitimate children were adopted. It is extremely well researched – the narrator says at the outset, “I read everything they ever wrote, their memoirs and books and the diaries and articles and letters in the libraries, hundreds and thousands of words between them…” and one senses that this is exactly what Orna Ross has done. In fact by painting more human and less heroic portraits of the protagonists Orna Ross presents us with real people and if these characters are paler and less sympathetic than my own long-held imaginings, the fault is mine. This because there are a number of things in the book which Rosie describes which she could not have witnessed or even heard about. Maud is described as being ‘a teensy bit bored,’ someone refers to her saying, ‘the lady’s not for turning’ and 1891is described as ‘her annus horibilis,’ all of which jolt us out of period. The faithful NSH (National Service for Health), along with various military support, usher you into lines to get ready for treatment.
I know people complain about this being an additional cost on top of the tickets, but it’s really not expensive to knock together a cheap costume, and you will feel rather out of place without it.
So much so that once I bought five mists in a row within a month(not kidding) and my mom had to put a ban on buying any more Victoria’s Secret fragrances for almost entire 2014.

These include the chilling scene where Maud asks Millevoye to make love to her at midnight in the tomb where her little son lies dead in order that he, the little boy, can be reincarnated in a new baby. Not only is it a brilliant movie, but also a great platform to build a horror based immersive event.
Plus, there are a few moments involving fake blood during the event, so covering your normal clothes is advised! So, my sob story of not being able to buy any VS fragrances turned into a happy one when I convinced my mom of letting me buy just one more fragrance mist before the end of 2014. Yeats knew of this macabre event (their interest in the occult was a strong bond) but it was so deeply secret that nothing was published about it until long after his death. Be warned though, you will need to bring your running shoes, as you will find yourself being chased on a number of occasions!
Seductress meets coquette in this boudoir-inspired body mist from our award-winning Sexy Little Things fragrance collection.
One thing I really love about the packaging is that at the bottom of bottle, all the ingredients are clearly mentioned.
However in this volume Rosie appears so sporadically that one tends to forget about her and what she knows or doesn’t know is rendered unimportant.

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