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Join me for an in-depth look at this massive new playset to find out if it’s worth picking up! Fantastic review dude, like I said on Youtube I think this is your best review yet – really detailed and you look like you really had fun with this.
The best review ever Dan, you really had fun, and me too, truly, i stand up, and says, Cowabungaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
Matthew Vaughn kicks arse again with the mightily macho Kingsman: The Secret Service, a frantically fun film, if a little flighty and anti-feminist, where the females only serve to fornicate with or serve as a feisty and flawless sidekick. Drawing from every spy thriller you’ve encountered, newcomer Taron Egerton takes the lead as the lad of lads “Eggsy” who despite his intelligence has taken to a life of petty crime and glugging cheap pints down the pub with his juvenile delinquent buddies from school – cue numerous nods to the class divide as Colin Firth, suave as ever as Harry Hart, strolls in, umbrella in hand and brogues on foot.
The cast is stellar, with Michael Caine playing Michael Caine and the awesome Mark Strong as Merlin, the Scottish M to Harry’s Bond. The childishness of the film is epitomized by the baddie supreme that is Samuel L Jackson as the US chavvy tech giant Valentine who lisps his way through typically audacious lines, drawing the biggest laughs every time he graced the screen with his presence. Despite it’s downfalls and faux pas… nah forget it… The last joke of the evening is regarding anal sex with a princess who doesn’t succumb to Valentine’s evil plan… you know, the one woman with a redeemable feature- intelligence. That being said, the film will do well as it was funny… in the same way farts and old people being crude is funny. I left the cinema perfectly happy, until I thought about it… and there in lies the problem.
In the summer when the Babyliss Pro Curl was first revealed I was quite literally giddy with excitement. Fast forward a few months and those clever people at Babyliss launched an 'at home' or 'consumer' version - the Babyliss curl secret.

I watched a couple of the official curl secret videos to make sure I understood the correct method - it's very simple and virtually foolproof. On my first curl I was a little anxious - my hair is rather long so I was watching it being sucked into the chamber wondering if it would come out again. I have quite a lot of hair, so I was impressed with how quickly I'd managed to do my whole head - about 20 minutes. Beauty blogger tips part 5: How do you get PR companies and brands to send you samples for your beauty blog?
A while ago I reviewed Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation ( here ), after purchasing my first bottle.
All original material, videos, articles, and photos on the site are owned by and copyright Daniel Eardley. There’s some iffy storytelling here, but Harry believes there should be some diversity in the secret society of Kingsman, a spy faction separate of the government, despite the society being fronted by a tailor shop on Saville Row and his alluded past attempt ending with embarrassment.
Jack Davenport as Lancelot was an authentic casting… I don’t know why I never saw him as operative material before, maybe it’s his bumbling performance in Coupling or his usual Hugh Grant-esque gait. Vaughn and Jane Goldman revel in that kind of funny, see Kick Ass, but they can also play it smart, see the new X Men films. Someone had tweeted a link to a YouTube video showing the most amazing contraption in action - it looked incredibly easy to use and made gorgeous, sleek, bouncy curls.
One of my favourite features is that it's very clearly marked as to which way around you hold the tool, and you don't have to think about what's the right way for the opposite side of your head.
The curl secret beeps so that you know it's working and then after a few seconds makes a different beep when it's done so that you know when to release your hair.

I'm somewhat challenged when it comes to hairstyling and it can take me about an hour to curl my hair with tongs or ghds, so I was totally impressed. This is a fantastic play set but for the price it should have come with a figure or two included. Cue a half hour training montage which is mostly filler, with Eggsy saving the rather wussy girl spy candidate and making faces at the poncy gits who make up the rest of the applicants. The price point was more affordable, although it's still a considered purchase at £120, I had to give it a try. After being brave on my first try and waiting for the long beep, a rather perfect curl popped out - quite loose - not an awful dolly ringlet - just right.
I was also impressed by how lovely and uniform the curls looked - ignore the bad lighting - it was dark.
Egerton definitely has a Jack O’Connell lead man charm, complete with smirky arrogance and surprising depths.
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