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There was a BOGO sale on Victoria’s Secret site and I was going frenzy adding one product after another to the cart.
It is very strong for a mist and so all of you who like sweet fragrances are in for an amazing deal. People who enjoy sweet flowery perfumes will like this because it is strong + it stays for long (wow that rhymed :-D).
Recent CommentsPalak Mishra on Catrice 100 Pearly Bird Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof ReviewPalak Mishra on L.A. Hey All, You may or may not remember I did a review of Victoria’s Secret Sports Bras last year. Knockout ( I believe this was previously called VS Pro Sport) which is great when you need more support.

Note:  I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, but all opinion are my own. The Body by Victoria Fragrance Mist is a lighter version of the same refreshing scent you love. I like the backdrop image though, with its silver letters in a royal font making up the words Victoria’s and Secret in a random order.
My name is Gabrielle and I am a Marketing and Social Media professional as well as a city girl turned farmer's wife and fitness instructor. One of our most sought-after and loved fragrances, this scent dresses the skin in a fresh blend of crushed leaves, freesia and water hyacinth. I'm passionate about healthy living and I'm on my own personal journey for balance and happiness in my life.

Being one of their most sought-after and loved fragrances, I thought I had made a good buy and would be in for a sweet surprise.
The fit on me was awesome not too tight but not too loose as to get in the way of my workout. My favorite features of the Incredible Sports Bra have to be the super comfy padded straps and the maximum cushioned support offered. My least favorite feature of the bra was that it offered more padding than I typically like.

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