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British Deputy Prime Minister Tom Dawkins (Gabriel Byrne) has the duty of investigating the plane crash of the Prime Minister which goes down under dubious circumstances.
Dawkins gets involved more and more into both tragedies when it seems that they are tied together. This series is filled with political intrigue so you better stay on your toes or you could get lost in the story. Christopher GrangerTampa Bay Movie ExaminerChristopher Granger has been a teacher in the Hillsborough County School System since 2000. Of course, it helps they have a few more centuries of experience to draw upon, an Officials Secrets Act which would drive conspiracy theorists on this side of the Atlantic crazy and a Old Boys network based on class which still believes in the right of titled to rule. Deputy Prime Minister Tom Dawkins (Gabriel Byrne) is sent out to give his government’s response to an explosion at a petrochemical plant which not only resulted in worker fatalities, but destroyed the surrounding neighbourhood. When the wreckage of the plane is found Dawkins is declared interim Prime Minister until a new party leader can be selected.
When Dawkins attempts to do an end run around the financial and military establishment by reaching a deal with India for financing and firing the head of military intelligence for provoking a war with Iran the moves against him go into overdrive. This attempt to discredit him personally is a relatively minor incident as we watch the full weight of the spy industry in Great Britain be brought to bear on him. What’s wonderful about this show is that no matter how convoluted the story might sound, most viewers should have no trouble keeping up with its sudden twists and turns.
Whether you’re a conspiracy theorist or not, Secret State is a compelling argument that there is always more going on behind the scenes in politics than any of us will ever know.
Richard Marcus is the author of two books commissioned by Ulysses Press, "What Will Happen In Eragon IV?" (2009) and "The Unofficial Heroes Of Olympus Companion". The PM had just been at the headquarters of an American Petrochemical Company called PetroFex.
Don't fret every so often our star reporter pops up and unravels all that is going on and keeps us abreast of everything. How long will it last this time?Kylie Jenner split with Tyga allegedly for real this time and the breakup has left her feeling very sick. However, your average Hollywood big budget extravaganza has nothing on a well told story of back room political manoeuvring for covert action, intrigue and the well placed knife in the back. Stir that pot of ingredients in just the right manner and you come up with something terrifying in its believability. His job is to assess the damage and reassure the population his government will provide appropriate compensation. He is now considered a threat to the established order and in a move spearheaded by Durrell and Yeland his own party seeks to have removed from office.

The threads of plot and intrigue twist and turn in ways that might leave you gasping for breath.
As the ex-army officer who almost unwillingly steps into the job of Prime Minister, he gives one of the best performances I’ve seen from him. In the special features included on the DVD Mullen explains why he and the producer’s decided to create a new adaptation now. Beautifully acted, elegantly written and seamlessly directed it is probably the best tale of political intrigue you’ll ever watch. Aside from Blogcritics his work has appeared around the world in publications like the German edition of Rolling Stone Magazine and the multilingual web site
Would you like to increase your visibility, hone your skills, and reach a very large and growing audience? The PM was there to secure compensation for 19 people who died in a tragic industrial explosion. Of course the story wouldn't be what it is without the ever daunting journalist who is looking for that perfect story.
If you think monsters from space or mysterious creatures from the depths of sea are frightening, they’re nothing compared to the political operative who can smile to your face while contemplating your downfall. The recently released DVD package of Secret State from Acorn Media combines the above elements with an amazing script and an impeccable cast to create almost two and half hours of spell binding television.
With the Prime Minister meeting with the American company who owns the plant in Huston to negotiate compensation, Dawkins is the one taking the heat from press and citizens alike. Both the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ros Yeland (Sylvestra Le Touzel) and Treasury Minister Felix Durrell (Rupert Graves) want the top job. His life is complicated even further when the military leaks confidential information about a mission he was involved with while a peace keeper in the Bosnian conflict to the reporter Kane where half his squad was killed. However, what will really take your breath away is how believable the show manages to make all of them seem. It takes sufficient time to not only introduce the various plots, but also the characters involved in each strand.
The supporting cast of Drance, Le Touzell, Graves and everybody else involved, are equally convincing. He’s updated the story line to reflect the changing world political climate and the new pressures being brought to bear on politicians. One warning, allow yourself time to sit down and watch all four episodes at once, you’re not going to want to wait to find out how it ends. He has been writing for since 2005 and has published around 1900 articles at the site.

The safety procedures at the plant had come into question and the PM had secured the funds when on the way back his plane crashed into the Atlantic. Ellis Kane (Gina McKee) has that duty of trying to find out all the dirty secrets of the industrial accident as well as the Prime Ministers plane crash and any little secret that Tom Dawkins may have that will keep him from being elected Prime Minister. His website, The Bull Pen, has been recognized internationally for its focus on politics, current affairs, and most importantly, film. While American television has recently seen its share of political scheming, very few can compare to the British when it comes to depicting the machinations behind the scenes in government. When reporter Ellis Kane (Gina McKee) lets him know the company who owns the plant had known about the problem which caused the explosion he is livid. However, party whip (the guy who makes sure all party members toe the line) John Hodder (Charles Dance) thinks their best bet for re-election is Dawkins. Things start to really become interesting when he not only pushes to find out the truth of what happened to the Prime Minister’s plane, but tries to pressure the American Petrochemical company into paying compensation to the victims of the explosion.
These aren’t the rantings of some conspiracy theorist, they are stark realities about how the world works and how a few powerful people can bring down governments and orchestrate events to suit their needs.
Once we are familiar with which characters are associated with each strand of action, we can quickly identify what’s going on and why. However, as the story makes clear, as far as he’s concerned some things about the British political system have never changed. He phones the Prime Minister on board his plane returning from America for reassurances about compensation, but during the conversation their call is cut off and then the plane vanishes. By keeping everything tightly compartmentalized until the end when everything converges we have no trouble keeping track of the net which is slowly closing around Dawkins.
What’s truly terrifying about most of what you watch is how matter of fact everybody is while going about the business of putting their own interests above those of the people they supposedly represent.
So take the time, find a copy, and make the time to enjoy some excellent political intrigue.
The Chief Whip John Hodder (Charles Dance) is backing Dawkins for the job as new Prime Minister. The problem is that you get the feeling that Dawkins is in a little over his head and really doesn't want it.

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