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La Senora Abundancia o Senora Fortuna, es un Ser de Luz del Sexto 6? Rayo Oro Rubi de la Provision Divina que rige el Arcangel URIEL.
Kwan Yin Kwan Yin es una Madre Divina, diosa del Amor Compasivo, la Compasion y la Misericordia. We have written a short introduction of her in our previous article here.A short review of The Power PDF by Rhonda ByrneAfter reading The Power PDF version we can say its a life changing book.

It is based on a wonderful idea that there is everything in our world is just because of a one thing that is the Power. This book will show you the right way that will lead to a totally changed and amazing life. You will be able to easily do everything you wish.Where to get The Power PDF ?We are not giving the direct links here.

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