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As I was searching the net for something to replace my moth eaten pants, I came across all sorts of other yoga goodies. Or if all you want is a quick introduction to yoga try this ebook written by one of my fellow yoga teachers. And once you’ve finished the physical side of yoga you can relax and let a calming voice take you through a guided mediation. This simple and serene morning program, led by internationally-acclaimed yoga and meditation instructor Rodney Yee, transitions your body from sleep to calm wakefulness.

Inspirational meditation teacher Maritza shows you how to sharpen your awareness, broaden your perspective and find sanctuaries of stillness to the inner layers of your body, mind and breath. This bonus program will help you release tightness in the hips and back so you will become more comfortable in seated meditation. Props Recommended: yoga mat, brick or block, yoga strap, blanket, meditation cushion and meditation pillow.
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This program invites you to step back and take a quiet pause at the end of your day to re-center and unwind.

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