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This pose is associated with your Root Chakra (Muladhara), which is located at the base of your spine & is the first energy center or chakra. Tree Pose is focusing on your balance as well as stretching your body towards the sun or sky (typically about 30 seconds to a minute on each leg). Start off in Mountain Pose, use your hand to help (if needed) bring your foot up, next stand in one-legged Nameste & then while inhaling bring your arms above your head in Tree Pose.
When in tree pose meditate on “I am”, you are connecting yourself to the earth’s energy & becoming one with your surroundings. Be sure to come back on our next Meditation Monday for more posts related to yoga & meditation.
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Hi I'm Ashleigh and I am on a mission to live a more peaceful harmonic lifestyle, whether it be through attachment parenting, plant based eating, up cycling or meditating. If you are struggling to find the passionate or creative flow of life and need to be reminded of the sensory experience of being, this meditation can help move you along. If you feel like it is difficult to tune into the love that flows all around you, this meditation can help you harmonize with the powerful emotion of love. Although communication is coming at us from many different places, many of us are challenged to express our true selves. Many of us aspire to achieve growth and the ability to transcend above things that don't matter in order to get to a place of balance and peace. When you meditate on the solar plexus, your focus should be on connecting with your personal power.
Consider doing this simple meditation while listening to light background music, sounds of nature or specific tones for the throat.
Disclaimer: While we recognize and honor the connection to spiritual tradition, our intention is to help people grow in the understanding of balance through our aromatherapy products. This chakra gives us vital information about whether actions we're considering will be beneficial or harmful to us.

On the flip side, those of us who have the root chakra overstimulated will feel sluggish and lazy. Align with the feeling of security, stability, safety, vitality, passion and higher levels of physical energy. When you start aligning and balancing your Chakras you are always supposed to start with the root and work your way up. I am grounded and feel such a positive energy all around me, however I wanted to get the “tree look” as well as show the beauty & positiveness in this image.
This is can be associated with the color red, although some images have been known to have yellow along with it.
If you have difficulties balancing in tree pose, you can always stand near a wall or lower your leg for help. If you have flat feet no fear as this is a perfect pose for you (hint hint Ally) however after reading more about the physical benefits of this pose, you do not want to attempt it if you have chronic knee or hip problems. As I breathe, I like to believe I am inhaling positive energy while exhaling all negative energy.
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These statements on Om Livin’ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It can help restore balance, facilitate spiritual development and growth, and gain a sense of peace. This can be a useful tool to establish a sense of security and peace during times of instability and change. Let this meditation guide you to a place of balance and strength where you connect with your power and confidence. Allow your heart to connect to the beat of the hearts of those around you and guide you as you dance along the path of life. This meditation can help support you during times when you need to communicate from a place of authenticity.
In this meditation, you will be guided to look inward and see what needs to be seen that is beyond the physical. If you are finding it difficult to let go, try this meditation to support your growth, fulfillment and ability to rise above it all. Music is a key component in support of the throat chakra and will help enhance the focused meditation.

The Root Chakra is located at the base of our spine and is related to our primal instincts, our survival, vitality and connection with the earth. You can do other chakras if you are more experienced but all the material I have read and watched always recommends starting at the root and going from there. The root chakra is what connects us to the earth (hence why it’s called the “root” chakra), we are grounding ourselves to this beautiful earth.
Once you have started to master balancing on your own start to extend your grounded toes, open your chest while also bringing your shoulder blades together…this will help you breath better as well as stretching you more. I was mainly looking to see if you can do this with a hurt ankle [due to my lovely Shane rolling it during a bmx trick] && you can!! If you have any comments or questions on what we discussed today, please feel free to comment and share your knowledge. You can also use it during times when you need to listen and be present to receive the words of others.
You'll want a meditation space with an association to the element of air, so try doing this with an open window or a fan blowing.
After the meditation, you'll find it's the perfect time to embark on a creative or artistic endeavor. Composed with a straight forward and to the point layout, this book will lead you through a mental, physical and even s.. I found out that after three weeks to a month of rolling your ankle you are actually encouraged to balance on it using tree, eagle or warrior 3 poses. We do advise you to continue your research from multiple sources as well. Please read our full medical disclaimer here. Here we offer some suggestions to help guide you back to balance, but, ultimately, it is up to you. Thank you for taking the time to read today’s post & in return know that you are on a path towards enlightenment ? ??! To further your mind, body and spirit connection, we suggest incorporating these meditations with some of the other chakra balancing techniques.

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