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Wielded by the kingdom's elite troops and blessed by a powerful sun-witch, this weapon leaves its target wide-open to critical attacks.
The Sacred clay hammer is obtained from transforming a proto-tool bought from Rewards Mystic with 20 Stealing Creation points. The sacred clay hammer had the normal hammer animation for Smithing until the Stealing Creation update in December 2008.
When used with Varrock armour 3 to speed up the smithing process, it used to show the normal hammer in the animation instead of the sacred clay hammer, but this has since been updated.

If the sacred clay hammer and a regular hammer are both in the player's inventory, while smithing a number of items, it will switch back and forth between the two hammers. When there are multiple sacred clay hammers in your inventory, the first one in your inventory is used.
At the start of the turn he becomes active (reinforcement) he will launch an instant attack. 24,450 bonus experience could be gained from it, which will be stored and used up while training Smithing or Construction.

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