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Through Sahaja Yoga cleansing pratices we can purify this centre and bring it back into a balanced state.
Now this first centre is very important because this was the first centre that was created when the Primordial Being started doing the job. An innocent person is really like a magnet and it attracts, he attracts, the people towards himself, just like a flower attracts a bee towards itself. Sahaja Yoga is a unique method of meditation based on an experience called Self Realization (Kundalini awakening) that can occur within each human being.
Through this process an inner transformation takes place by which one becomes moral, united, integrated and balanced.
One can actually feel the all pervading divine power as a cool breeze, as described in all religions and spiritual traditions of the world. This is the actualization of such transformation, which is taking place now, worldwide, and has been proved and experienced by hundreds of thousands in over 116 countries. I’ve asked Liallyn, dear and respected friend, also an experienced practitioner and volunteer teacher of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, to find words for her special connection with horses. For most of Horse Rescue volunteers, they are just trying to make right what other people have done wrong in betraying the trust of these magnificent, noble creatures. The Horse Rescue volunteers are devoting their time and energy to give some quality of life to innocent creatures who were dependent on people for their survival, but the people didn’t see those responsibilities toward these fine animals as a priority. These are the same people who volunteer at soup kitchens for the homeless, who have foster children in their home, who are picking garbage up off the side of highways, and maintaining hiking trails high in the mountains.  Summed up, they care about quality of life and the Mother Earth and don’t feel fulfilled unless they are doing their part for the benefit of our society. Seeing the magnetic connection of a newborn foal with its mother touches your heart because you feel that connection with them, too (if you open yourself to it) – spontaneously – it’s magical and can melt even the hardest or most damaged of hearts. And the feeling is quite like that when talking to new people at Sahaja Yoga programs, or when a newer practitioner of Sahaja Yoga (or even a more experienced one) is developing their own connection to the Divine and something you may have said, spontaneously, just being your true self, acts as a catalyst for that person to suddenly see the elusive point or lesson so he or she can move on up the spiral of our spiritual ascent. Not only Tarzan loved it to jump over it or to express land of India to be shown on map of world or people start imagining Africa or India whenever they see an elephant.
I have a dog and you may think that I will support the idea that the dog is the smartest more loving creature. I believe everything has to do with the awakening of the Kundalini and the piercing trough the heart chakra. It is an interesting fact that the Prophet Mohammed dearly loved horses and had hundreds of Arabians in his stables, the ‘drinkers of the wind’ as he called them, and was said to have put his thumbprint on the necks of his favourite five mares, who became the mothers of the great lines of Arabian horses that followed. Having said that, I really love donkeys and mules also – they have a slightly different character than horses, their own brand of nobility. When, in accord with this, movement follows the law of heaven, man is innocent and without guile. May 15 Arts & Culture Makers photo -> Sahaja Yoga Meditation Volunteers Proud to be IN! Now it is quite complicated sentence I have said, in short, but if you have any problem about it, you can ask me without any fear because I am your mother. You can do what you like because you only like that is righteous, that is good, that is constructive, that is helpful.

What gives me the greatest enjoyment is to see how you love each other, care for each other, joke with each other, and dance with each other. When a drop becomes the ocean, it has become the ocean but it’s not the drop anymore. We are so close to the end of this year and it’s always good to take few moments and reflect upon what has Real value in our life. I think that as a SY our commitment is for a lifetime is not what we are to do to improve ourselves for the next year, it is for our whole life and exactly this commitment is what makes it so wonderfull, immerse yourself in Love for your whole life it is just amazing.
Looking back into my life in 2009, SHE has removed many undesirables from my heart … removed anger, removed hatred, removed fear(not yet completely) and above all, SHE sow the seed of love in my heart! I hope you too see such changes in your heart and that is my new year wish to all my loved ones in Sahaja. Chandra, it feels so good to hear from you about the changes within you that happened– the transformation from within which happens when we sincerely meditate and introspect.
It is needless to mention that several philosophers have published their philosophies on life and actions to that could be initiated. What She always desired was that the evolution of human race must get a trigger our consciousness to catapult like a new capsule ejecting out of the weared out capsule to attain greater ascent. It is not a gross physical aspect but an emotional aspect in us empowered by intelligence that creates discretion to choose…. For me it is also about understanding the meaning of words such as right vs wrong or falsehood vs.
There are some fishes in which they have found actual magnetic a, field and in some of them they have even found a regular magnet placed in certain fishes by which they know whether they are going north, south, east or west.
How great if people realised that most of our desires and needs are the very things that take away our innate goodness. On Easter weekend 2010, Liallyn had visited us from Edmonton and my entire family had listened fascinated to her stories about the time she spends as volunteer at the Horse Rescue centre -near Edmonton. They aren’t humans, but they are very intelligent and have many characteristics that we could call human. But despite the personality differences, they all understand positive and negative energy, and they are able to achieve a magnetic connection with each other (and with humans) which is very much a kind of collective consciousness. Let us remember Shri Ganesha was the choosen One and the head of His that was chosen for Him was that of an Elephant as it doesnot have ego!!! But I see the eyes of the horses and the eyes of the elephants and their joy is mine and their pain is mine. The lower trigram Chen is under the influence of the strong line it has received from above, from heaven.
This is the one by which you get your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual integration because all the centres come into play and enlightenment into All the four aspects of your life, into the Totality, so that you feel your Wholesomeness in Collective Consciousness.
You must know your position as eternal being, what is your work, what is your idea, what you have to do. With all the discouraging things that is going around the whole world, beleive me, Shri Mathaji’s words and HER love is the real source of hope.

We are basically rational beings with our innate intelligence to set forth and adapt to new situations. We spontanously try to adopt a few of those philosophies to be part of our new principles of actions…I have experienced myself in my case to really work out wonders in my life. To be able to distictly choose the right from the wrong and drop the falsehood by accepting the truth. It feels good to read each and every comment so beautifully composed and commented in this website. The she showed us some photos from that magic place where the sahaj spirit is already at home.
I feel more comfortable in the stable or horse paddock knowing that I am being truly seen and wholly understood by those creatures than anywhere else – and the only other place I feel that is when I’m completely absorbed into Sahasrara.
For whatever conscious purpose is to be seen, there the truth and innocence of nature have been lost. But when we read through Mother’s Divine teachings we at once expreinece a rare love within and feel our shortcomings giving way as we develop a kind of strength by experiencing practical solutions in life .
Where you really understand what is good for you, for your spirit, is wisdom; and when this centre is alive and is not destroyed then you really know what is wisdom is. My deep love for Liallyn for her beautiful insight and understanding that beautiful creation of God and gift to mankind. But, through means of imbibing a state of higher awareness in our collective conciousness .
They have not lost it, while we have a right or we can say we have a freedom to abandon it. For example the person who has got this centre very well developed can tell you whether it is the north or the south, because the magnetism that is in the Mother Earth, this centre is made by the element of Mother Earth. This is the power of our desire, by which we desire; is the emotional side of a human being. Shri Mataji always felt we should attain the higher awareness that we deserve at this stage of our evolution. When a person neglects his emotional side or does not respect his emotional side then this centre gets lost. When the birds fly all the way from Siberia to Australia they do it with the help of this centre because they know whether they are moving northward or southward.
They have an innate wisdom to know which way to move and that’s why one should know that this centre is also within us but we have lost our sense of judgment because we have lost that magnetism within us. I’m sorry to say but it is very true that when you destroy this centre, first thing that sets in is impotency or over activity, like the rapist and all that are created because this centre is neglected.

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