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For many years I had practised Hatha Yoga, hoping for some spiritual accomplishment, but my only accomplishment had been a disturbed nervous system: a phobic neurosis had tormented me for several years, my mind had been haunted by strange thoughts and my physical health had also been affected by tuberculosis of the lungs as a result of this imbalance. At the end of that TV presentation I felt like a soldier who arrives home at last, after long tribulation, joining his family and realising that peace has come. I realised that I had finally found what I was seeking when I was practising Hatha Yoga, when I was wandering in different religious organizations, or when I was escaping into psychological or philosophical literature.

I came to Sahaja Yoga after a short TV presentation of this technique (about 5 minutes long). This was the land of Spirituality, of the essence, which gives you that balanced state of peace and fulfilment – beyond duality.
A few moments after the beginning of this emission I was showered with joy, comfort, tranquillity, optimism and spiritual fulfilment – as if I had been connected to a source of the 'life force'.

I couldn't remember the last time that I had felt like that – some of these feelings were absolutely new to me.

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