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Here at Hill Inlet, a weathered tree has been marooned on the rocks - the sun slowly leeching all life from its once-supple limbs.  The limbs look to me like arms reaching out to cling onto this idyllic setting. Note - Your framing choice above, will include Archival Mounting and Museum Quality Conservation Acrylic. If you wish to enquire about avalability of print or wish to purchase it.Please contact our Head Office.
All images landscape photographs and limited edition prints are exclusive property and may not be copied or reproduced,transmitted, manipulated or used in any way without written permission of the photographer. Throughout Eartha€™s history sea level has constantly changed and, indeed, it is these very changes that generate most of the geological record!
Geology has left us many clues to how the environment has changed over time and whether the sea was higher or lower than it is today. Sea level, or a€?mean sea levela€™ as it is sometimes known, is the average height of the oceana€™s surface between high and low tide. Scientists refer to it as the equipotential surface of the worlda€™s oceans, which means that its level is affected by the strength of gravity (or, more technically, a€?gravitational accelerationa€™) around the Earth. Variations in the gravitational acceleration are themselves caused by variations in the internal density of the Earth. Changes in tides and wave conditions over time are averaged out to determine a a€?still water levela€™ that can be used to identify whether the sea level has changed and also the height of the land above sea level. In the UK, height above sea level is measured from the a€?Ordnance Datuma€™, which is the mean sea level at the tide gauge bolt Newlyn Pier, Cornwall. Because the surface of the land also moves up and down over long periods of time, sea level changes may be described as a€?relativea€™ or a€?absolutea€™.
Relative changes may be observed even though the absolute height of the oceans remains the same. It is important to realise that when earth scientists talk about a rise in mean global sea level (what we call a€?eustatica€™ sea level), local changes may be quite different. During the last ice age, lots of sea water was stored in ice sheets and glaciers and sea level was, on average, more than 130 metres lower than it is today. But these sea level changes, related to the growth and melting of ice sheets, happen relatively quickly, taking tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years. We would have very little if any of our sedimentary rocks were it not for the fact that sea levels rise and fall! Sea level rises may be caused by ice on land melting and running into the sea, adding to the total amount of water in the sea.
Note that there is no direct effect on sea level when sea-based ice melts, because sea-ice is already part of the ocean system.
There is, however, a significant indirect effect of Arctic ice melting, which is that the albedo changes.

Albedo is the ability of a surface to reflect sunlight, and ice and snow are very good at reflecting the warming rays of the sun. As the Arctic ice melts, polar regions will warm even more quickly because the Arctic ocean will now absorb the incoming energy. A eustatic sea level change occurs when there is a global change in the amount of water stored in the oceans, or a change in the geometry of the ocean basins which alters the volume of water they can hold.
When the sea level changes in response to the amount of water stored in ice caps this is called glacial-eustasy. If the two main ice caps a€” Greenland and Antarctica a€” melted, then it is calculated that the oceans would rise by 66 metres. A change in the temperature of sea water also contributes to a change in sea level because sea water expands at higher temperatures.
As the atmosphere becomes warmer, the oceans will absorb some of the heat and increase in volume, which in turn leads to higher sea levels. The most famous of these is the collision of the Indian and Eurasian plates that formed the Himalaya Mountains.
One relevant consequence of the collision is that a lot of continental crust was inserted under Tibet, leaving a larger ocean basin and therefore lower global sea-levels. During cold periods some of the oceana€™s water is evaporated and stored in ice caps or mountain glaciers, meaning a lower sea level. During warmer periods sea levels rise as the ice melts and once again is added to the volume of the oceans. Over the past 100 years the Eartha€™s climate has warmed a little less than 1A°C, and as temperatures rise thermal expansion of water will add to sea level rise. With her debut album Breakage that came out earlier this year, the 21-year-old Norwegian Ellen Sunde is returning to the UK with the hauntingly delicate electronica of her alter ego, Sea Change. Underpinning elements of synth pop, acoustic instrumentation and a low-key whisper of 80s choruses with looped beats and hypnotic harmonies, Sea Change’s music is engrossing, poetic and never less than heartfelt – the kind of dreamlike songs that draw you out of reality into somewhere ethereal and leave you blinking in gentle astonishment as they fade.
Her current European tour includes six shows spread around the UK from 2-10 May. Be sure to catch this uncommonly mesmerising performer. Norwegian Arts is a celebration of the best Norwegian creative and cultural happenings in the UK.
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Advocating for a long-term resiliency strategy for the Greater Boston area, Sasaki launched a research initiative on sea level rise called Sea Change. Sasaki curated an exhibition to showcase this research, highlighting Boston's vulnerabilities and demonstrated design strategies.The exhibition shared the Sea Change research with the broader community in an engaging and accessible format, rich with graphics and interactive media.

To visualize different flooding scenarios and the city systems that will be affected in Boston, please visit our interactive map.
As I was taking this shot, I wondered where the tree had come from and what tempest brought it to this place of rest. After a visit to New York in the early 1980's, Ken returned home with a dream to have photography widely accepted as an art form in this country. And these gradual changes have generated the enormously thick sequences of sedimentary rocks that record the long history of geological time. Sea levels are rising today not only because significant parts of the land-based ice is melting, but also because ocean waters are warming and therefore expanding.
Ice floats because it is less dense than water and because it displaces an equivalent mass of water there is no increase in sea level as it melts a€“ in just the same way a cold drink does not overflow the glass as the ice cubes it contains melt. This is known as an isostatic sea level change and it causes a relative sea level change as it is the land rising, not the amount of water increasing. Sea Change’s live shows and festival performances have captured the attention of the international music press, drawing comparisons with the likes of Fever Ray, Lykke Li and MO and building her a reputation as a unique and uncompromising artist who makes convention-flouting music that is, definitively and irresistibly, her own.
The new tide line will transform the coastal landscape of Greater Boston and increase the probability of a major storm devastating the metropolitan region. The Sea Change team tapped into the firm's interdisciplinary practice to engage in preparedness planning at the building, city, and regional scale.
Events associated with the exhibition catalyzed a conversation among designers, city officials, real estate leaders, and academics about a specific call to action: to develop a regional plan for the Greater Boston area. The increasing number of Australian photographers now emulating his panoramic style and finding a market for their work is testimony to Ken's success. When ice on land, such as mountain glaciers or the ice sheets of Greenland or Antarctica, melts, that water contributes to sea level rise. The flat-topped, slightly dipping spit of land coming into the right-hand side of the picture in the middle distance is a remnant of raised beach. Sasaki designers also collaborated with experts in engineering, academia, advocacy, and policy making to harness sea level rise expertise and push design thinking further. Obviously it must have been a big storm to bring this tree here, but what paradise did it come from?  That’s the wonderful thing about this area, you never know what you will find.  With the ebb and flow of the tides, at any moment another treasure may be discovered.

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