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Please read this theory before reading on because it shares significant points that will further help you understand where we are going with this theory. From the moment Ali stepped foot off of the plane she was at risk of being exposed, which is why she disguised herself as herself (I know that was a bit confusing but keep reading). Well, we all know (4.13) that the person was in fact Alison that pulled the liars out of the burning lodge. That episode title explains a lot in answering the burning questions from 3.24 finale, because Ali is actually alive but there is about to be a new mystery.
Earlier in 4.01 Toby spotted a firefighter holding a burnt redcoat, and we later see him and Spencer at the lodge looking through the wreckage, but someone else is there also. Black veil was on a mission, but she needed something valuable so after she found her mask, she needed Mona’s RV. If you view our Flashback Monday posts then you will see that we have been gathering some interesting facts about the flashbacks.
The only person that would benefit from snatching up Tippi would be Alison and we believe she stole her own bird to take away the only lead the liars had at discovering that she is actually alive.

One last thing we aren’t saying that Ali is doing all of this A activity, the things we listed above we believe to be Ali and some of the other stuff was Mona and Ezra.
Neither of the liars knew of the woman but curiosity began to rise when she made her way in the church sitting behind Jenna Marshall.
A mysterious woman shows up at Wilden’s funeral and she is unrecognizable due to the black veil covering her face. The only way she could retrieve this without the risk of being exposed was to manipulate Toby into getting it for her. She had limited time to get to the RV and take it to a remote location, which is why she hurried off after the funeral. Unfortunately, Tippi was birdnapped before the liars could get more information out of her. My sister and I have been regular viewers of the show since it originally aired, June 8, 2010. This theory sets up the plot for Season 4A because it throws us viewers off by asking the questions; Who is Redcoat?

Unable to find the mask, her redcoat was burned which resulted in her desperately taking it off and fleeing the scene. Therefore, in 4.01 she went back to the lodge desperately searching for the mask and was shocked to discover that Toby and Spencer were there also. She was taking away a photo that would give the girls a visual of how Grunwald looked, not expecting Spencer to call up the fraternity, who gave her a photo of Mrs. We believe Alison made a few visits to Radley as well (possibly using CeCe’s name), this is how she learned to play the song that she was seen in the flashback playing, when Jessica bursts in angrily. Therefore, we think that Alison could have known some things about Marion in Radley due to the fact that she was pissed at Toby for getting mad at her in the 4.01 flashback.

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