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SECRET CITY ist eine attraktive virtuelle Welt, welche Dir unzA¤hlige MA¶glichkeiten rund um die unterhaltsamen Seiten des Lebens bietet. Partys und Events mit Live-Streaming realer DJs, Fun und Lifestyle, Leute treffen und kennen lernen.
The author of Kiev city secret places guide is Tasha Jallois - Interpreter, Translator and Guide in Kiev. My biggest hobby is traveling, and I started with my on Kiev city of Ukraine and it’s suburbs. Here we may find an upside-down restaurant, a chocolate house and a chocolate man, dog-size crowns and giraffes living in the yard of apartment blocks, house of a crying widow and widower, allays that berry love stories, scary lost graves and unfinished mental house… and many many more.
One may think giraffes are not typical play ground inhabitants, but I have to reassure you. Very funny monument if to consider it is situated just in from on the Central Civil Office where people get married.
Living peacefully for many years in the yard of one of the old houses in the center of the old town.
Model Gisele Bundchen poses as models from Victoria's Secret receive a 'Key to the City' of Hollywood outside the Mann Chinese Theatre on November 15, 2006 in Hollywood, California. Steve DuncanUrban explorer Steve Duncan goes places nobody in their right mind would go, examining hidden infrastructure a€” the tunnels, subways, and sewers a€” of cities all over the world. Andrew Wonder's amazing video follows Duncan through some of his most recent adventures in New York City.
Then, as if that weren't cool enough, the pair take us into the underground Canal Street sewer in Manhattan. The Canal Street ditch was actually a stream and was apparently large enough that prior to European settlements, natives of the region could canoe (at least at high tide) from the Hudson River, along the stream, and into the Collect Pond (site of today's Columbus Park, it supplied the city's water until it became horribly polluted by the growing New York in the 18th Century), carrying deliveries of oysters that would be opened and dried for winter food.
Steve DuncanNext up on Duncan and Wonder's urban spelunking is the old Amtrak tunnels next to the Lincoln Tunnel.
Last up, as police birds circle overhead, Duncan scales the Williamsburg Bridge to get an unbelievable look at the city of New York. While you can safely travel the 6 train to see the old City Hall subway station, we definitely wouldn't suggest taking a run at any of these other locations unless you're traveling with someone experienced like Duncan.
The fact that bunkers exist is no secret, and as was pointed out in the aforementioned articles, there are many of them around the country. The following pictures come to us from a truck driver who has regularly delivered goods to bunker facilities. It is also important to mention that not all bunker facilities are wholly owned by the United States government. For those who have researched continuity of government programs, you’re likely aware that in the event such actions need to be taken because portions of the US government have been decapitated, a secondary government infrastructure sits in waiting to take control. These private interests would include wealthy conglomerates who would likely be the only ones (for the exception of government directly) capable of building extensive bunker facilities like the ones shown below.

We must assume that the government and these private conglomerates will be acting in their own interests during a worst-case scenario.
I delivered at an underground storage facility in Lenexa Ks (south west suburb of Kansas City Ks) today and this is what I saw. Funny thing is I have delivered to these facilities many times and have never even seen so much as a cop. The author goes on to further discuss the DHS presence, which is odd, especially if the facility is privately owned.
If you think your preparedness closet and storage facility are stocked with ample food, tools, and supplies, consider how much these guys can load up into one of these caves. Click here to subscribe: Join over one million monthly readers and receive breaking news, strategies, ideas and commentary. I remember when thinking this sort of stuff when I was fifteen and supposedly brain dead and a waste of skin. With all due respect, are you a trained facilities engineer ro just guessing at what you wrote?
Anyway, to answer your basic question I’m not an expert but I have worked in these caves, called on customers in these caves and know them pretty well. Our caves generate lots of conspiracy theories when someone comes across them for the first time. Lol I work for the company that owns that so called government bunker In a couple of the pics. So many troubled hearts out there, afraid for their futures and their children’s futures. Gestalte Deinen Avatar und begebe Dich auf Entdeckungsreise durch die Stadt, die niemals schlA¤ft.
One fan of the latter have made a fountain of it, where we may see Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Turkish seashore area.
Friendly creatures love people scratching their forehead, but watch their nib, they can bite. To start with, Wonder and Duncan take a quick jaunt down the subway line to a "secret" subway station that's now become quite familiar to Jalopnik readers a€” the City Hall subway station. The sewer is New York's first covered sewer after being roofed over in 1812 a€” previously, it was just an open ditch a€” a "canal" a€” and it's what gave Canal St. Duncan shows off the jury-rigged ancient timber atop crumbling natural rock that's holding up New York City streets. In addition to security and law enforcement implications, it doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to come to the conclusion that war gaming these scenarios takes into account continuity of government directives, which means that elite members of reserve government elements need a place to go if the SHTF. Rumor has it that the government has built literal underground cities spanning hundreds of thousands of square feet, complete with everything from nuclear power generation to facilities capable of manufacturing just about any modern day product.
Most interesting is this individual notes that up until recently, security at these facilities has been somewhat lax and there was never really a visible law enforcement presence.

Many, like the one in Springfield, Missouri depicted in the video at the bottom of this article, are reportedly owned by private interests. From the standpoint of emergency planning, plans for continuity of government are an important consideration in a free society.
Thus, while those underground bunker facilities are peppered throughout the nation, it’s reasonable to assume that very few, if any, of those supplies will be delivered to those outside of the COG programs. While natural or man-made disasters can strike anytime, we strongly believe that an imminent disaster that has the foreknowledge of our government, or elements therein, will be spotted by individuals who see something and say something to the rest of the public. Due to the fact at 100 ft below ground its a perfect environment to store documents and other supplies. Send their children and grandchildren to the front lines first and we will see how bad they want a war. The idea is that in the event of a global cataclysm, the human race would be able to survive and thrive, without losing the technological advancements achieved over the last couple of centuries.
The pictures below show parts of the inside of an underground bunker, as well as a newly visible Department of Homeland Security presence. It’s the truck driver who regularly enters these facilities and sees something out of the ordinary, or the security guard, or the law enforcement officer, or the passerby, that will be our canary in the coal mine.
As a result they don’t have to pay for high utilities to keep the facility at the right temps.
Rather, it is believed that in the instance that our elected government falls apart, the replacement would be a self-appointed group of governors, complete with law enforcement and military, that would take control of day-to-day operations.
Again, this is a conclusion that must be left up to our readers because we are operating with incomplete information.
There was one truck driver on YouTube that posted a video when he visited our Carthage, Missouri site saying it was a government conspiracy and why were they storing Americans food underground.
Due to the secrecy surrounding COG, it is impossible to know what plans lie ahead, but private, unelected interests certainly will have a hand in any new government – much like they do now.
Its secured because the documentations and products have to be protected like anything else. All I said on that video was put ur meth pipe down and just keep driving a truck cause they sure dont hire truck drivers for their brains now do they! Over millions of years glaciers melting rushed billions of gallons of water underground eventually dissolving huge amounts of limesonte into the Missouri river leading to the Mississippi river the the gulf.

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